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BroadConnect’s Wholesale Hosted PBX Services are targeted at communications operators such as CLECs, MSOs, and ISPs seeking to cost-effectively add a VoIP product suite to their portfolio that integrates into existing operational and back office systems.

The Wholesale product suite includes a complete range of telephony features, a nationwide footprint, e911, conferencing, training and other support. The core VoIP application services are sold on a ‘per seat’ basis, with term commitments. Additional services are available a la carte including voice origination and termination services with e911 and toll-free, audio/web conferencing, CPE Procurement, Field Services, and more.


Whether you are seeking to add new customers, generate incremental revenue streams from existing customers or improve customer retention, BroadConnect’s Wholesale service can help you profitably achieve your goals.

BroadConnect operates a BROADSOFT softswitch, which is good to know about us and the telephony programs that we provide. Broadsoft is a carrier class softswtich, giving you the quality and reliability, that is needed for quality voice services.


Specific Benefits for Service Providers Include 

Incremental Revenue Generation

Service Providers can exploit new market opportunities, increase ARPU (average revenue per user) and improve retention with attractive margins on products that fit your market need.

Accelerated New Product Time-to-Market

Our proven processes and implementation enables fast time-to-market, with low risk using reliable technology.

Management of Business Capital and Expense

Our managed wholesale solution allows you to avoid capital outlays and reduce operating expense, while implementing a scalable service solution.

Access to Experience, and the Network Performance Platform

BroadConnect provides first-rate customer support, and you gain access to our depth of experience in the voice telecom and VoIP serving environments.



BroadConnect guarantees you reliable service and advanced VoIP features.
We are on call for you to bring you the most immediate customer service possible.
Optimal solutions are developed after a personal consultation with one of our experts.