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Our tools enable your workers to collaborate with each other in real-time; sharing documents, ideas, plans, schedules or any medium needed to accelerate group productivity.

BroadConnect offers end-to-end solutions for Collaboration, Unified Communications, IP-based Communications & Connectivity, Professional Development Services and Security.

Collaboration – Accelerating Group Productivity

In the face of mounting competitive pressures both regionally and globally, every business understands the need to speed up response time while keeping a tight rein on costs. To achieve this balancing act, many organizations have moved to stronger collaboration tools within the unified communications framework.
We make it easy for organizations to adopt and adapt our collaboration tools to match their corporate phone systems. Our goal is to work with you and ensure that your Collaboration Suite solution fits your needs and your budget. BroadConnect has the experience to develop customized business voice over IP solutions designed to enhance connectivity, improve collaboration and streamline network management.

Benefits Of Improved Communication Outweighs the Cost

This external communication can also help companies bring further productivity out of their internal processes. For instance, with the right solution, manufacturers can more readily engage in simultaneous design and engineering, improve supplier and customer negotiations and position themselves for long-term growth.
What they may not realize is that communication lags and misunderstandings with customers can actually lead to waste. On the other hand, it is important to find ways to take a disciplined approach to collaboration, rather than implementing a patchwork of disconnected strategies. This is one of the main reasons for Microsoft PBX or Skype For Business. Only in this way can you realize the greatest benefits of collaboration – from improved agility, faster time to market and better customer service to improved efficiency and enhanced productivity.

Building High Quality Relationships With Collaboration

In today’s working environment high-quality relationships with customers is providing a long-term competitive advantage. Furthermore, improving communications internally, with suppliers, partners is equally important. This becomes more of a challenge when overcoming language and cultural barriers when communicating on global teams. All of this points towards increased collaboration with a business IP phone system.

The Big Picture Approach

Despite the advantages delivered through collaboration, it is important to keep in mind that collaboration is a corporate strategy that should be approached from a big picture perspective. For many, this means identifying your immediate pain points before determining how they can be addressed through improved collaboration. The point is that you don’t have to reengineer your entire organization to begin reaping the rewards of improved collaboration.

Collaboration Features

Personalization Customize ‘Meeting Viewer’ pages with custom entry screens and backgrounds.
iPhone and iPad Application Present material and manage participants from an iPhone or iPad.
No Downloads Our application requires standard Adobe Flash for participants and Java for moderators.
Screen Sharing Share your screen with participants.
File Sharing from On-line Library Share powerpoint slides, videos, pictures and audio files that are stored in your personal online library.
Video Conferencing Conduct a video conference with up to 12 participants.
Session Recording Record sessions for training and archiving purposes.
Whiteboarding and Document Annotation Mark-up documents during a session, or sketch out a design idea, and send it to the participants.
Session Recording Record sessions for training and archiving purposes.
Whiteboarding and Document Annotation Mark-up documents during a session, or sketch out a design idea, and send it to the participants.
Integrated Chat Communicate in real-time during a meeting using the chat feature.
Moderator Controls Grant “sharing” rights, mute and un-mute and drop or add participants.

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