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In times with technology advancing so quickly, choosing the BroadConnect Solution Partner Program makes great business sense! The BroadConnect Solution Partner Program was designed by keeping you, the customer in mind. By partnering with BroadConnect, you will be able to continue to provide the same exceptional quality of service to your customers, without having to dedicate all of your resources and time to support them.

When Broad Connect first opened its doors in 1989, who could have imagined the radical shift in technology that has taken place. Since its inception in 1989, BroadConnect has offered a wide array of voice, data and security solutions. By 2005, Hosted PBX and other IP business offerings clearly showed the market and business technology was evolving. Today, it seems that clearly, technology is driving– not following-the needs of business today. BroadConnect is committed to the success of your business and customers. As a pioneer in IP, BroadConnect has proven they are a leader in today’s market and has the leading-edge technology solutions to help you grow your business and provide the competitive edge you need. BroadConnect invites you to join the exclusive BroadConnect Partner Program. It provides our Partners with a Partner Portal that provides pre-and-post sales resources, proven sales tools and current marketing collateral.


To begin with, BroadConnect is a Top Tier technology provider with full service capability in North America.

BroadConnect’s superior and state of the art network allows you to expand your market reach, meet customer demands and improve growth in new markets. By partnering with BroadConnect, you will gain a competitive advantage that other providers are not able to extend to your customer base.




The BroadConnectSolution Partner Program gives you the competitive edge with full business support.

By doing business with us, our program allows collaboration with our partners and empowers our BroadConnect sales force to work closely with you and deliver innovative solutions to our customers. BroadConnect can provide sales support to full technical support of all our products while creating a new revenue stream for you.



In today’s ever-changing market, it’s easy to lose sight of the value of true partnership.At BroadConnect, we understand that your businesses success is dictated by performance-rewarding activity in the sales environment.  At BroadConnect Telecom, we believe that opportunities increase when you help others win. For this reason, we work in concert WITH YOU, to empower VAR’s (value-added resellers), system integrators, and deployment professionals to fast-track your sales and deployment cycles.



In order to ensure the ongoing success of our customers, we partner with proven industry leaders. We have an intimate knowledge of all of our partners’ products and services ensuring expert development and support to satisfy your needs.





By signing up for the BroadConnect Channel Partner Program, you’ll benefit from the industries most trusted and reliable portfolio of products, certified training specialists & support, Innovative tools & applications, as well as industry leading compensation packages. All this is backed up by our reputation as a North American leader in Hosted Telephony& Data Services, and having one of the largest Canadian Partner networks.


This is why BroadConnect sees our Partners as the cornerstone of our business success. If our Partners are successful, then we are successful! BroadConnect has the experience and reliability, combined with an innovative product suite that together, make our products and services the most compelling choice.

This means easier sales for you and significant recurring monthly revenue for years to come. The BroadConnect Partner Program offers a generous compensation plan, along with detailed sales training and support and your own dedicated account manager.

The trends surrounding technology today and in the next few years will be an unprecedented move to the cloud. Are you ready to create the foundation of your success? With the rush of technology moving so quickly, can you afford to choose just any provider and be left behind? Grow and evolve as you need to with a secure and reliable network. Partner with a leading total solution provider like Broad Connect, who can deliver all the products and solution integration for the cloud.


BroadConnect provide you with choice. Choice of a fully enriched range of products to a wide range of advanced services. Most importantly, BroadConnect offers you the choice on how you want to Partner with us. By choosing your level of support, you can now leverage BroadConnect and its abundant resources to work with you while you focus on your business. This may involve regionally available channel mangers, who can provide the extensive sales, marketing and training support that you need. As well as collateral, sales tools and sales support, you have a responsive account manager with the expertise and experience to add value and ensure your success!

Regardless of your company’s size, you will receive the service and quality you demand and have access to top tier, Enterprise grade network solutions. As well, a partnership with BroadConnect will help differentiate your business brand while increasing your company revenues and profitability.



Advanced Product Suite

BroadConnect has a product portfolio that covers a wide array of advanced solutions. These leading edge solutions can be combined and/or packaged for any customer. BroadConnect is a leading, full service provider who can meet all or a portion of a


BroadConnect has a product portfolio that covers a wide array of advanced solutions. These leading edge solutions can be combined and/or packaged for any customer. BroadConnect is a leading, full service provider who can meet all or a portion of a

Managed Implementation

BroadConnect offers a fully managed implementation experience. Our fully experienced team of professionals is prepared to support your customer from creating and pricing the solution to all the technical support and post implementation

Managed Implementation

BroadConnect offers a fully managed implementation experience. Our fully experienced team of professionals is prepared to support your customer from creating and pricing the solution to all the technical support and post implementation

Sales Support

Dedicated account managers are ready to interact on your behalf with any of our support teams and our extended list of premier partners to ensure we are meeting and customizing the correct solutions for your needs.

Sales Support

Dedicated account managers are ready to interact on your behalf with any of our support teams and our extended list of premier partners to ensure we are meeting and customizing the correct solutions for your needs.


The BroadConnect Partner Program was designed with both you and your customers in mind. You have the ability to choose the level of participation in this exclusive program. By partnering with BroadConnect, you will receive more than just access to innovative technology solutions. By joining the BroadConnect Partner Program, you gain a competitive edge and expanded countrywide reach with your customers by teaming up with an industry leader. By collaborating with BroadConnect, cooperative sales and marketing are created to increase value, your customer base and drive new revenues for your business.


  • Choose Your Participation Level between either a Referral Partner or an Authorized Solutions Reseller Partner
  • Earn enhanced One-Time and Recurring revenue through our industry-leading commission structure


  • Value Added Resellers
  • IT Service Providers
  • Sales Agents and Consultants
  • System Integrators
  • Franchise Organizations



As a solution partner, you can build up your business by taking advantage of ours. BroadConnect is able to offer a full range of robust business services to help your business grow. Contact BroadConnect account Managers where they can collaborate and support the business for you from anywhere and at any time!



  • Hunt and Close Sales Independently
  • Set Your Prices
  • Your Support (end Customer)
  • We Support You (Our Expertise and Experience)
  • Earn Enhanced One-Time and Recurring commission structure


The BroadConnect referral program is for those who want to position solutions to their customers and provide sales lead to BroadConnect’s account managers to close the business for you. This is a no-hassle approach to selling services with minimal effort and receiving a one-time referral commission. You can package, position and sell all solutions BroadConnect has.



  • Sell High Demand Collaboration Services
  • Provide Sales Leads to Your BroadConnect Team
  • Receive One Time Referral Commissions
  • Covers All Product Lines

Both Partner Programs are designed to give you the flexibility you need to support your business model and customer needs. How you choose to participate is at your discretion. Both programs are designed to allow customers to work with a Top tier vendor and innovative partners to create and support any solution your customer may require.


  • Leveraging BroadConnect products, services and certified technical expertise
  • Access to top business grade voice, data, internet, security and IT solutions to help generate new revenues for your business
  • Hunt and close sales independently while validating your company’s professional image
  • Ability to work with top tier product vendors through our proven relationship with leaders in the technology business
  • Full North American coverage – to extend your service and customer base while gaining a competitive advantage and alliance with a top tier provider
  • Lucrative booking and sales lead commissions– to supplement revenue for your business
  • Exclusive co-branding opportunities to improve your company image
  • An exclusive Partner Portal that provides unique marketing collateral, online training and technical documentation to better target and serve your customers
  • Dedicated and professional account managers and technical support is available 24/7 to address any issues or provide sales support
  • Pre and post-sales support to help you from planning and design to the implementation of a solution or product
  • Certified and dedicated field, implementation and engineering support


BroadConnect’s product portfolio covers a wide array of products. These advanced solutions can be packaged for any customer at any stage of growth in their business technology cycle. BroadConnect is a full service provider who can meet all or a portion of a customer’s business, as required.

The Hosted PBX solution offered by BroadConnect allows you to deliver a state of the art, enterprise quality, cloud based VoIP phone system to your business.

A simplified solution to meet your business PBX needs. With BroadConnect Telecom’s Hosted PBX solutions, your calls are routed over our private, secure network, giving you superior call quality and security. Best of all – your features, maintenance, and upgrades are all included in your per-seat price, so you never need to worry about extra or hidden costs again!

As your business network expands and contracts, you need a service provider that is able to scale your connectivity solutions for your ever changing needs.

With over a decade of experience serving many of Canada’s top enterprise businesses, we have what it takes to keep you connected. BroadConnect is one of the few ISPs in Canada that is able to offer full PRIVATE WAN connectivity to locations in the USA. Private WAN’s deliver a secure private point-to-point connections, a cost effec¬tive alternative to MPLS networks.

BroadConnect Telecom offers call center solutions that are both flexible and affordable.

Our solutions provide a feature rich Call Center environment built on a carrier class platform. The rich feature set allows companies to greatly improve customer care, create virtual call centers anywhere and manage and calls effectively and efficiently through a centralized phone number or set of phone numbers.

A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunk is a single voice call, routed over an IP network.

Unlike traditional telephony, where clusters of physical wires are delivered from the service provider to a business, a SIP trunk replaces these fixed Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) lines with a flexible, feature-rich system with full PSTN connectivity. Trunks are purchased according to the number of anticipated simultaneous calls in an enterprise.


Broadconnect maintains total control of voice packets delivered over our private network. We manage the quality of Service end-to-end and provide aggressive Service Level Agreements. VoPI offers a private, secure and high quality voice network.

Advantages of BroadConnect Product Solutions

  • 24/7 sales and technical support
  • Increased productivity
  • No upfront and ongoing capital investment
  • Advanced features and reliability of network

Service Guarantees

  • Exceptional call quality
  • Highly reliable global network
  • Advanced & current phone features, upgrades
  • Total System Scalability

Our VoIP Service Promise

  • 60 Money Back Guarantee
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Guaranteed Service Levels
  • Equipment Replacement Service


With so many service providers in the market, it is important to select a partner who has a proven track record in the industry. BroadConnect not only is a leader in provide leading-edge business solutions but has a proven track record of customer satisfaction. The reason for our success is that we put both you are your customer first. It’s that simple!

The BroadConnect implementation experience has been successful for over 25 years and has made BroadConnect a reliable and secure choice for customers. BroadConnect will be with you and your customers every step of the process.

With BroadConnect—experience is the right choice! Why?


Reasons for You


Reasons for Your Customers

Reasons for You

  • Dedicated Account Mangers
  • Unique partner web portal
  • Automated online quoting tools
  • Implementation engineers work with you to deploy our technology
  • The most competitive and generous recurring commission structure in the industry
  • No sales quotas or upfront investments
  • Inventory hardware for sales and provide create financing options
  • Exclusive content and resource library with customizable material and guides
  • Opportunity to sell your customers new equipment
  • Commitment to constant innovation and new products, which leads to new revenue from current customers
  • Sell more to customers with existing PBX or IP PBX systems with our SIP trunks


BroadConnect has been in the telecommunications industry since 1989 as a supplier of PBX and Key Systems. BroadConnect has successfully provided internet telephony since 2005. BroadConnect is the first TL9000 certified Canadian service and solutions provider. It defines system requirements for the design, development, production delivery and installation and allows a measurement system to allow companies to track their performance. Most changes can be made in under 10 seconds in three mouse clicks.

BroadConnect has regional offices across the country and allows customers to not only enjoy standard features but the security of our very own private VoPI network which ensure complete security and reliability. At BroadConnect, exceeding your expectations is our standard!



By choosing BroadConnect, you are choosing to partner with success! BroadConnect has established itself as a leader of world class business solutions and firmly committed to the success of your company and the needs of your customers.

  • Uninterrupted VoPI service – One of the largest private networks in North America
  • Commitment to customers – services are backed by definitive industry guarantee
  • Broad Portfolio of next generation IP solutions, mobile and managed network services will help improve business productivity
  • Scalability/Flexibility – choose to enhance a portion or all of your business
  • Planning and Implementation – BroadConnect will lead you every step of the way
  • Training and Support – available 24/7 is always available
  • Products/Services – advanced feature functionality and collaboration packages
  • Effective – Disaster avoidance and recovery built-in
  • Easy to Use – Web based administration and management


1-877-228-6616 (Solution) (Reseller)


empowering YOU to succeed!