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Managed Network Services

Our Managed Network Services take care of the essential day-to-day management and maintenance of your networks, freeing your IT team for more strategic tasks and ensuring that your networks perform reliably and securely to support your critical business operations. With more than 15 years’ experience in network management and thousands of business customers throughout Canada, you can rely on BroadConnect to keep your business connected.

How your business can benefit from managed connectivity

A Managed Network Service supports the digital communications that are essential to a growing business. It ensures your online applications and services are always available to customers and employees, and gives you the freedom and scalability to support mobility, remote working and cloud-based operations securely with full visibility and control.

Fully-Managed Solution

We take care of the network so you can concentrate on your business. Our certified network professionals monitor and manage your networks round the clock. They respond proactively to any issues and take care of updates and essential changes so your network can always take advantage of the latest technologies.

Reduced Support Burden

Experience indicates that internal teams spend a high proportion of time fighting fires and maintaining the status quo. The accelerating pace of digital transformation means IT teams must be able to respond quickly to business demands and focus on faster delivery of new services. Managed solutions free teams for that.

Increased Uptime

Network downtime is a productivity killer. Employees spend more and more of their time working with cloud based applications and services or collaborating in virtual meeting rooms. Maximum uptime is essential for them, whether they are office-based or working remotely. Our Managed Network Services provide guaranteed uptime in line with Service Level Agreements.

Greater Visibility

You need visibility and control over your networks so you can monitor usage levels and ensure critical applications and services are prioritized. We provide comprehensive management information which you can access through an intuitive cloud-based portal to create or download reports, track performance, analyze usage, prioritize bandwidth and reconfigure settings.

Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed performance means that your applications and services will always work as they should, enabling your people to work and collaborate efficiently and productively without frustration or delay. To maintain optimum connectivity and performance, our nationwide private carrier-class fiber-optic network features dual uplinks, self-healing capabilities and multiple layers of redundancy.

Maximum Security

Digital communications mean you’re always ‘open for business’ but that should not threaten the security of your data and your business. Increasing threat levels and new forms of cybercrime make stringent network security a business priority. In partnership with GoCo security specialists, we provide comprehensive security, intrusion protection and threat detection.

Align network capabilities with your business goals to maximize competitive advantage

In the digital age, network performance must align with your business goals. As more and more Canadian businesses rely on remote working and virtual teams, fast, efficient real-time collaboration with supply chain partners and online customer services, network resources can be stretched to the limit.

We take a consultative approach to your networks, looking at the technical and performance requirements in relation to your business goals. We can then design and manage a solution that will support your business goals and prioritize the changes that will deliver the greatest value and maximize competitive advantage.

Network Assessment

After reviewing and agreeing your business goals, we carry out a comprehensive technical assessment of your network infrastructure and performance. We provide a report identifying any areas for improvement or upgrade and recommending network technologies and security measures that will help you meet your goals while reducing overall operational costs.

LAN/ WAN Optimization

Certified network specialists will design a scalable, cost-effective LAN/WAN solution to optimize connectivity with all your locations and ensure maximum uptime, availability and performance for applications and services that are critical to your business success. We set benchmarks for performance and recommend Service Level Agreements that reflect your business priorities.

Enhanced Network Devices

We identify the network devices that can make or break performance and recommend best-of-breed equipment and technologies to support the higher throughput and performance levels that are essential for a digital business. We take into consideration your future plans for delivering new services to ensure network devices can support them.

Improved Load Balancing

Increasing traffic levels, growing numbers of digital users and stringent performance demands make load balancing essential. Our data centers incorporate strategically located application delivery controllers (ADC) – smart devices balance loads, minimize the pressure on web servers and enhance application performance in line with your benchmarks and industry best practice.

A leading Canadian Managed Network Service Provider

As a key member of GoCo, we work in partnership with Radiant Communications, Infra-Solutions and Netrium market-leading companies offering specialist communications, managed networking and network security services. Our partnerships give BroadConnect a unique end-to-end perspective on the business, technical and operational requirements of today’s networks.

BroadConnect brings more than 15 years’ experience as one of Canada’s leading private network provider delivering highly secure, customizable, end-to-end, networking and voice solutions for thousands of Canadian businesses. Our Managed Network Services provide and manage a wide range of advanced, innovative networking services to connect your locations, users, partners and customers securely and cost-effectively.


BroadConnect’s SD-WAN solution can reduce the cost and complexity of your wide area networks, making it easier to connect branch networks and remote workers. SD-WAN technology provides the performance and agility to handle any type of traffic, prioritize real-time applications like voice and video and take full advantage of the cloud.

Secure VPN and MPLS

BroadConnect’s MPLS solutions provide highly secure customized connectivity up to 10Gbps with uptime, QoS prioritization, multi-carrier redundancy, automatic failover and proactive monitoring. Our Private VPN solution uses encrypted tunnels to securely connect locations and remote users. It increases network visibility and scalability and simplifies integration with cloud solutions.

Business Internet

BroadConnect’s flexible Business Internet options include Business DSL broadband for branch offices and retailers, Business VDSL providing 25 – 75 Mbps connections to support higher download and upload capacity and high-speed Cable Internet & Ethernet options. Business Class Fiber offers symmetrical speed and high reliability for bandwidth-intensive applications.

4G LTE Wireless Backup

Our 4G/LTE Wireless Backup Service protects your networks against WAN outages. It reduces the risk of downtime by automatically failing over to the cellular wireless network. BroadConnect’s solution can also be used as a primary connection offering increased speeds and availability for any location with a wireless signal.

Eliminate the damaging risks and high costs of discontinuity

Network performance and reliability determine the way you communicate and collaborate throughout the business. Any disruption can seriously impact productivity and customer service — and affect your bottom line. Continuity problems could take your company offline for days; even a few minutes of downtime can prove costly. As these statistics show, your network must be able to handle changing, growing demand without disruption.

Content delivery up to 50%

Content delivery networks now carry over half of Internet traffic.

Speeds up 300%

Broadband speeds have nearly tripled over the last 5 years.

Traffic up 500%

Global IP traffic has increased more than fivefold in the past 5 years.

Why Choose BroadConnect for Managed Network Solutions

Networking expertise

For over 15 years, BroadConnect has led the way with advanced innovative networking services.

End-to-end support

From initial consultation and advice to comprehensive management and maintenance, we take care of your networks.

Strategic partnerships

We provide comprehensive, best-of breed solutions through strategic partnerships with GoCo affiliates and industry-leading technology partners.


World-class networks, expert management support, and 24/7 monitoring underpin the Service Level Agreements that guarantee connectivity.

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