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Being the largest city in Manitoba, Canada, Winnipeg has the same area code as Manitoba, 204. The same area code is also shared with other cities in the Manitoba province. It is one of the first area codes ever awarded to cities and provinces in Canada. Since it has no overlay, the area code in Winnipeg is one of the most used. If you’re placing a call to someone in Winnipeg, you should always remember to add the specific area code, 204, for the call to go through.

The Manitoba province is under the implementation of the ten digit dialing method. That means callers should input ten numbers in their phones for any call to connect. Keep in mind that if you fail to remember the correct sequence of numbers for the area code, regardless of typing the right phone number, the call will not connect. On the other hand, you’re required to follow the same procedure, regardless of whether you’re calling from a local number in Winnipeg.

It’s not a huge problem for people living in the area. Callers not residing in the area need to retain the area code and the phone number as well. Such a scenario is tough for the local phone companies because besides losing customers, they are also losing profits. Additionally, the standard way of dialing any phone number in the province is a huge problem when it comes to recruiting and inviting new clients.

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It’s easy to avoid these complications while having an efficient method of customer recruitment. BroadConnect business phone system provides a company with a toll-free number, a very effective way of inviting new clients. Toll-free numbers are usually free for the callers because they charge the calls to the call recipient. Callers have an easy time calling these companies with toll-free numbers. Now, customers or callers have an easy time relaying their concerns or questions and receiving the appropriate response.

On the other hand, the companies can attend to their customers efficiently, thanks to the toll-free phone numbers. There are no disconnections or rushed questions that can’t be answered with a limited call. It’s a good way of increasing customer satisfaction rate thus increasing customer loyalty. A toll-free number also increases incoming calls and also increases your recruited customers. Therefore, if you want to boost your business, get more clients, boost your customer satisfaction rate and boost customer loyalty, you need to consider toll-free numbers.

Toll-free numbers provide your business phone system with an ability to encourage new customers to join your company and keep the current ones loyal. The toll-free number service offered by Broad Connect has a low and affordable rate for various small scale and medium sized businesses. Unlike other service providers, there is no double billing. There are also no hidden charges, and this gives your company a very worthwhile investment for a very long time.

Therefore, with all these advantages of toll-free phone numbers, you need to start considering it immediately. It can work wonders for your business, and it’s what various companies are using to boost their clientele base. It has worked for many others and can work for you too.



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