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Voice Broadcasting Solutions

Automatically Deliver Personalized Outbound Calls

Voice broadcasting allows you to instantly send interactive phone calls with ease while managing the entire process right from a web-based administration tool that is part of your phone system. Instantly send alerts, notifications, reminders, political calls, get out the vote – GOTV – messages, interactive polls or surveys.

Simply upload your call list to the BroadConnect Voice Broadcast platform and it will generate thousands of calls to those people who are on your list. Easily upload professional messages or create your voice message over the phone with this business VoIP feature. Next, indentify those in your contact list you want targeted and in minutes your message will be sent at speeds of over 50 calls-per-minute. (Increased speeds available by request.) This can be accomplished even if your are using SIP lines.

Save Your Business Time and Money

Quickly broadcast phone calls to a list, or streamline delivering personalized messages to customers and clients based on events in your database through your cloud VoIP service.

This feature, Voice Broadcasting, is another reason for saying that BroadConnect delivers the best VoIP service for business customers.


BroadConnect’s Hosted Voice Broadcasting System Offers:

Easy SetupQuickly & Easily Configure Your Calls Online. Your voice broadcasting campaign can be set up in just minutes.
Full ControlSet Messaging, Scheduling, Transfer Options, Integration & More!
ReportingAccess Real-Time Reporting About Each Call Online.
Outbound IVRMake Your Broadcasts Interactive By Using IVR To Ask Questions.

Voice Broadcasting Is Perfect For . . .

Appointment Reminders Reduce “no-shows” by automating reminder calls.Payment Collection Collect outstanding balances from customers.Delivery Confirmation Automate calls about delivery times & service quality.
Political Calls Promote your campaign or do survey voters.Lead Generation Generate, score, and verify leads.Other Calls Have another idea? Great! Just give us a call.

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