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Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing is almost a necessity for every business both large and small. If you haven’t used video conferencing you may wonder what the hype is all about. Video conferencing solutions are designed to make your business more efficient by collaborating more in real time. There are many advantages for your organization by adding this added value VoIP service.

Improve Business Relationships

Using video conferencing gives you the ability to provide better and more immediate service for your customers in a completely personalized engagement.

Increase Employee Effectiveness

Video conferencing offers a way for employees to have more effective communications between each other as well as with customers.

Access to Resources

Video conferencing lets you get immediate access to important resources needed to complete or interject on tasks, no matter where they are located.

Reduced Travel

Video conferencing allows face to face meetings to take place without leaving the office, cutting down on travel expenses while keeping employees at home.





How Video Conferencing Can Help Your Business

Video conferencing is an affordable and reliable solution for every business. For years, only the largest enterprises could afford to purchase and manage video communication solutions. These solutions were typically large “room-based” conferencing systems.

Fully Participate In Real Time

Video conferencing offers an advanced communication solution that allows you to have a real time conference.

Make Better Business Decisions

Your business will improve by utilizing time more effectively. Instead of planning lengthy, time consuming meetings you can get the issues resolved quickly and easily by using video conferencing.

Personal or Group Solutions

Participants are able to view and talk in a group using your own network with high quality voice and video communications.

Determine The Right Solution

A cost and need analysis will help you determine the best solution to fit your requirements. Managed video conferencing solutions are both affordable and easy to use.

BROADCONNECT Telecom Offers Innovative New Ways To Work!

Virtual Video ReceptionistFriendlier Customer Experience
Business-to-Business Video"Video Federation" for working smarter
Video TrainingHigher Performance Workforce
Remote Experts/TranslatorsHigher Customer Satisfaction, Lower Costs
Video MailHigher Productivity, Faster Resolution
Video Call CenterHigher Customer Satisfaction, Lower Costs
Video-Mobile HandoffMove calls from mobile to video phone

Market Forces Are Driving The Adoption Of Video Conferencing

Virtual Video ReceptionistFriendlier Customer Experiencevideo-adoption
Technologydemand for hosted/SaaS/cloud solutions
Demographicremote workers; green initiatives

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