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416 area code, also known as the Toronto area code, is one of the very first given in Canada. It was first given in 1947 for Central Toronto. From then, until now, it has gone through many changes. The western part of Toronto was given a different area code which was 519, and this took place in 1953. The area in which the original area code covered was again broken down further for the area that fell outside of the city, and that area was given the area code 905.

The residents of the area were then referred to each other by which area code they lived in. The ones in the city were referred to as 416ers, and the people that lived outside of the city limits were called 905ers. As the city grew, it began to consume many phone numbers, and for that reason, different parts of the city were given separate area codes and those continued to change.

Toronto is the center of business in Canada and the province of Ontario, and for that reason, it uses up its phone numbers much faster than other areas do. In 2001 the first area code overlay was initiated and was 647. By 2005 all phone numbers for the area code 416 were used up. For this reason, 647 is now the number used for all new landlines and mobile phone users.

In the Toronto area, it is required to use a 10-digit dialing system, and it requires the practice of dialing the area code when calling a local number. It’s also required when calling a long-distance number, and in that case, the area code is also required. Many users of the system find it to be a bit troublesome.

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In the city, there are two area codes, and so the caller needs to be aware of which one to use to make their call. These issues play a key factor in the growth and overall success of a company in the area. For this reason, many businesses would rather have a system that removes those problems that come with having to use a 10-digit system. The businesses in the area need a system that has all the features required to be convenient and yet not too difficult on the wallet.

BroadConnect is the perfect choice for those companies needing this type of situation. BroadConnect Canada can deliver a telephone product that’s affordable and gives the functions that make the communication system work more conveniently. It is an affordable choice that even small businesses will be able to handle with relative ease. The features that come with this system have many advantages and benefits.

BroadConnect phone systems are adaptable for businesses for all sizes and well worth its low-cost. If you have a business in the Toronto area and want a telephone system that can eliminate these type of issues for your customers, then you should contact us. Our prices are within reach of small businesses and yet we can fully service the needs of larger corporations. All it takes to get started or to have your questions answered is a quick phone call. It is a decision that will be painless, and we are certain you will be glad you called.



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