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Toll-Free Calling Keeps Your Customers in Touch

Toll-Free Phone Numbers

A toll-free number is a business telephone service that makes it easy for your customers and suppliers to get in touch with you. This service is available on all BroadConnect VoIP systems.

North America

Let all your North American customers reach you with Toll-Free calling and faxing on a VoIP phone number. You can even specify which geographic areas you want to cover with your 800 numbers.


International Toll-Free service extends the boundaries of your business beyond Canada and the United States by providing ease of access to customers and suppliers in more than 75 countries worldwide.


Advanced Toll-Free Features

Business Continuity Services

We provide the expertise to help you define critical business phone services, assess your needs for business phone lines, announcements, proper Transfer Connects, and Intelligent Call Processing.


Our features provide the tools you need to incorporate generic or customised messages to direct your callers to the appropriate agent or location

Call Routeing and Redirection

These features enable you to establish and easily apply customised call routeing plans to maximize your outbound Call Center and Toll-Free investments.

Transfer Connect

This feature allows you to simplify the customer calling process by enabling callers to reach a variety of destinations with one phone call.

Intelligent Call Processing

Enables you to dynamically route calls based on agent availability, specific routeing arrangements, caller attributes, geographic locations, and specific business functions.

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