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BroadConnect offers Resellers tremendous added value.

SIP PSTN Origination & Termination

Value Added Resellers that work with BroadConnect can implement new phone systems more quickly, with fewer problems and less cost than with other SIP Trunking providers, saving tiime and money even during installation.

Our service transports PSTN originated local calls from multiple locations (rate centers) and terminates them to the customer’s Softswitch or media gateway via IP or TDM connectivity using local DID telephone numbers.

We Offer Local DID Inbound Service From Both Canada & U.S.A.

  • Create “virtual” presence in USA and Canada overnight
  • Replace costly multiple-facility TDM solutions with a single “pipe” hand-off
  • No capital expense associated with building your own points of presence
  • Point numbers to any trunk group/IP address/URL
  • Provision and Scale On Demand
  • Port over existing PSTN DID’s

We Offer Competitively Priced, Jurisdiction-free Plans

IP-to-PSTN Termination include the following options:

  • Tiered NPA-NXX-based with OCN verification
  • Tiered LATA/OCN
  • Blended Rate
  • Trial or Production Peering-24 hours or less

Wholesale Toll Free – 8XX

BroadConnect provides a competitive Wholesale Toll-Free service with Toll-Free Origination and Termination in North America.

SIP Termination

SIP Termination is a carrier-class wholesale VoIP service provided to terminate Voice Calls into Canada. BroadConnect can accommodate the specific needs of service providers to design personalized solutions based on their unique requirements.

A-Z International Voice Termination

BroadConnect Canada has partnered with worldwide carriers to provide premium quality voice termination to a wide array of global destinations at competitive rates, and supports all standard interconnection protocols.

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