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The Flexibility you Want With the Infrastructure you Can Trust

Manage costs and securely consolidate infrastructure by combining your voice and data services.

BroadConnect SIP Trunking

Cost Savings
  • Reduce circuit costs
  • Reduce telephone infrastructure costs
Flexibility & Scalability
  • Add Channels as you need to
  • Benefit from newer generation SIP features
Disaster Recovery
  • Faster disaster recovery with distributed IP network architecture
  • More fault-tolerant than fixed-line, circuit-switched counterparts
Simplified Management
  • Simple, web-based management system
  • Increased efficiency and flexibility
  • Works with any PBX manufacturer
  • Reduce implementation time
  • BroadConnect is a leading SIP services provider with access to its own private network to ensure QoS

BroadConnect as Your SIP Trunking Provider

SIP Trunking Consolidates Your Telephone Lines and Data on One IP Network


SIP Consolidation Service:


BroadConnect offers SIP Trunk consolidation services: Canadian-based and locally supported.

  • Keep your on-premise PBX and phone system hardware
  • Switch with ease. You’ll experience no downtime or service interruptions
  • Early termination fee? Ask us how we can help you cover that cost
  • We utilize VOPI™ for our SIP Trunking services, as opposed to the more common VoIP
  • Gain from our industry-leading knowledge of SIP, a technology where we have significant investments and developed extensively since 2002
  • BroadConnect is a certified Skype for Business SIP Trunking provider and we offer a complete range of Skype for Business services



Our SIP Trunking is Avaya DevConnect Certified and does not require additional SBC’s when integrated with IP Office.




BroadConnect SIP Service Guarentees


VOIP Promise Program

  • Money-back SIP Service guarantee
  • Expert project managers
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Online account management

SIP: Heralding a New Generation of Efficiency and Flexibility

  • National Coverage with
    PSTN Termination

  • Compatible with SIP-
    Enabled Systems

  • Voice Quality Guarantee
    Over Private Network

  • Enhanced Security

Our SIP Trunking service runs on our Converged Tier 1, North American network, giving you quality and secure connectivity for your SIP lines wherever you need it - whether it's local, domestic, or anywhere in the world. This is one of the reasons that makes BroadConnect a top SIP Trunk provider.

SIP Trunking consolidates your telephone lines and your network connection on one IP, which means you no longer need to maintain multiple PRIs, or different PBXs when your business is located in more than one place. It all comes together; which saves you time and money.

VOPI™ from BroadConnect offers a Private, Secure, and High-quality voice network.

BroadConnect maintains total control of voice packets delivered over our private network. We manage the Quality of Service end-to-end and provide aggressive Service Level Agreements.

This allows us to control the first and last mile of service, meaning clear voice calls that are securely delivered, and are always prioritized over data communications. We are leaders in VOPI™ technology, and ensure that voice packets never travel outside of our private network, unlike many VoIP SIP providers who utilize the public Internet.

While VoIP suffers from latency, jitter, and packet loss-all factors which affect voice quality-VOPI™ has far fewer issues that degrade quality. Voice packets remain on the private Internet; no voice traffic travels over the public Internet. This allows us to offer an IP-based voice solution that eliminates all quality and reliability concerns.

VOPI™ addresses security concerns by routing voice packets securely over providers' private and secure network, eliminating security threats.

Denial-of-service attacks and other security intrusions have been common in traditional VoIP services. Hackers with access to packet sniffers and similar tools are able to monitor pertinent call location and transmission details. They can even eavesdrop on confidential conversations.

VOPI™ addresses these security concerns by routing voice packets securely over providers' private and secure networks, eliminating security threats. It is for these reasons you should seriously consider BroadConnect instead of the cheapest SIP Trunk provider.

VOPI™ From BroadConnect

We Deliver VOPI™ as Opposed to Consumer-Grade VoIP

Most telecommunications providers are only capable of offering consumer-grade VoIP. The VOPI™ solution offered by BroadConnect Canada facilitates the use of its secure private, point-to-point circuits in order to deliver secure and high-quality voice communications. VOPI™ services have been proven to eliminate many of the challenges businesses face when using conventional VoIP services, and the benefits are substantial and only available from the best SIP providers.

Consumer-Grade VoIP

VOPI™ from BroadConnect

BroadConnect Canada is an Industry Leading Telecom SIP Service Provider

We enable businesses to have access to the most forward-thinking, advanced, state-of-the-art communications and networking services available in the SIP marketplace today. By using our best SIP Trunk service, you are ensuring the quality and reliability of your voice communications and deliver the features with a quality SIP Trunking solution from BroadConnect.

  • Cost Effective – BroadConnect SIP Trunking will reduce communication costs in a number of ways. The line rental charges for our SIP trunks can provide you with savings up to 40% of legacy line rental charges.
  • Economical for both Local and Long Distance Calling – Reduced toll charges from SIP origination/termination services to the PSTN for local and long distance calls. Long distance savings provide a quick ROI.
  • Simple – Eliminate the need for a redundant telecom network, with separate voice and data lines. Placing voice and data on one network reduce IT management, providing another level of savings on SIP Trunk costs.
  • Less expensive ongoing costs – Reduce PRI and BRI subscription fees. No need to buy bandwidth in blocks, with SIP you can buy bandwidth as you need it. Pay only for what you need.
  • Easier to design and support – Reduce infrastructure complexity and streamline your voice infrastructure.
  • Extend capabilities of IP-PBX – Unified communications (i.e. Instant Messaging) and newer advanced features.
  • Network reliability – BroadConnect has been delivering this new generation of SIP solutions since they were first launched nationally in 2005. We have a remained an industry leader, always testing our own network for uptime, security and fraudulent users.
  • Integrate multiple locations – With SIP Trunking, you can connect multiple sites to a dedicated IP PBX, without the requirement of a dedicated circuit.
  • Redundancy – Ability to call at different numbers and to have calls re-routed to a secondary network.
  • Efficiency – Grow on demand, consolidate voice and data networks, and provision as required.
  • Features – Flexible channel counts, disaster recovery, with all standard telephony features. 4G Wireless Backup service available along with Softphone & WIFI services (Internal router required for WIFI).
  • Flexibility & Scalability – Expanding your business communications while maintaining business continuity is straightforward and easy with our range of Internet Telephony Services. Adding additional voice channels, porting your existing numbers and creating a virtual presence for your business are now fast and effortless. SIP Trunking increases the flexibility and dramatically reduces your provisioning times.
  • Enhanced Teleworking – Remote employees are connected directly to their central office via Voice over IP Phone Service technology. BroadConnect unlimited SIP Trunks help you take advantage of cost-free communications across multiple locations.

SIP Trunking Defined

SIP Trunking is used in conjunction with an IP-PBX (Private Branch Exchange), sometimes called PBX SIP Trunking, and is quickly becoming the standard technology that businesses use to make and receive telephone calls at a lower cost and with more features.

SIP, Session Initiated Protocol, is fast becoming a powerful business tool as organizations transition from traditional voice to voice over IP solutions. In essence, SIP lines route your voice connection over an existing data line; hence the term VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). An SIP trunk replaces the traditional fixed Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) lines with a flexible, feature-rich system with full PSTN connectivity.

By selecting an SIP Trunking solution from BroadConnect, you have more flexibility and scalability to grow with your business as required. You are also able to customise it specifically to your business VoIP system, while enjoying the benefit of reliability and of cost savings that come from moving away from traditional voice to an experienced SIP Trunk provider.

Choose the Reliability of BroadConnect National SIP Trunking Service

SIP Trunking services can be delivered over a variety of technologies and methods depending on the size and type of your business. When you partner with BroadConnect, you leverage the true power of our Canada-Wide and truly Coast to Coast fibre optic network.

  • You’ll instantaneously increase the number of voice sessions without the addition of new hardware, versus your old PRI.
  • BroadConnect’s SIP service ensures the highest voice quality because delivery is done over our Private Network (VOPI™) giving you unmatched security and connectivity when you conduct a SIP provider comparison.
Reliability, Flexibility, and Scalability

Our SIP service supports multiple reroute and failover options that ensure you will remain connected in case of outages or traffic congestion. With BroadConnect you get the reliability and features you need to lower costs and unify your communications from one of the leading SIP Trunk providers in Canada with a large number of positive SIP provider reviews to prove it.

We Support Every Industry Leading IP PBX System

BroadConnect delivers the most flexible and scalable product solution, which evolves with your organization. Trust our team of SIP experts to explain the help you select the right IP Phones, Cabling and Network Equipment for your business needs.

Do you know why Session Border Controllers are a must for your phone system? If not, we’re here to help. Don’t worry if you’re unsure or have general questions about our SIP Service — one of our dedicated account managers will be more than happy to help you find the right SIP solution.

Is SIP Right for you? Speak to One of Our Experts

A BroadConnect SIP trunk is a dedicated connection between your organization and a SIP service provider. It enables you to extend VoIP beyond your company’s firewall without the need for a PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network).


  • Do you have, or are you considering an IP PBX?
  • Do you need multiple PRIs to ensure sufficient capacity?
  • Do you have multiple office sites?
  • Do you have workers using multiple devices?
  • Do you experience a variably high call volume, busy signals, and insufficient lines?
  • Do you need a back-up solution?

Requirements for SIP Trunking

  • IP-PBX (or PBX enabled by middleware)
  • Dedicated network (yours or ours)
  • SIP Trunking from BroadConnect

By deploying BroadConnect SIP Trunking, we simplify a company’s communications, together with the immediate savings, are the drivers moving organizations to real-time communications and expanding their communication system’s capabilities.

By utilizing a BroadConnect SIP Trunking solution, you will immediately realise the improvements. BroadConnect’s solution is a cost-effective way to migrate, at your pace, to the converged IP Solutions and enhanced features offered by SIP Trunking.

Difference Between PRI and SIP – Pay for What You Use

PRI (Primary Rate Interface)


  • PRI is part of public network (PSTN)
  • Sold per circuit (normally 23 channels for each PRI)
  • PRI is separate from company’s internet and data circuits
  • PRI offers DID functionality
  • PRI channels are static; dormant when not in use
  • Multiple users are networked between locations to share voice channels
  • PRI requires a service contract with customer and has limited geographical service availability
  • PRI requires existence T1 card usage on the phone system
  • If channels are insufficient, a new PRI circuit is needed and can take weeks to implement
SIP (Session Initiated Protocol)


  • VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • SIP is sold per channel and is perfectly scalable: pay for what you use
  • SIP is sold 3 ways; with Internet access, on a data circuit or as part of Internet access
  • SIP can work with both out of area and local DIDs
  • SIP is dynamic, which ensures bandwidth is used for other transmissions at low usage times
  • All users share SIP trunks at the company host site
  • SIP is cost effective and flexible making it a preferred offering by most SIP service providers
  • SIP requires an SIP gateway to connect to the public switch telephone network (PSTN) but can be engineered to work with any type of phone system. BroadConnect provides the SIP gateway over our private Canadian IP network.

BroadConnect VOIP Promise Service Guarantee

BroadConnect provides state-of-the-art IP-based communications solutions to Canadian businesses. What is different about us? We specialize in IP-based communication technologies with specific expertise in designing and implementing complex, customized IP telephony solutions for the business community.

Our private, North American-wide network allows us full control over the first and last mile of IP connectivity, ensuring our clients secure and highly reliable voice, video, and data services.

We guarantee the service quality of our Enterprise-Grade Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking solutions.

BroadConnect maintains a secure network with advanced IP technologies to ensure that your SIP solution saves you money and increases your productivity.

  • Money Back Investment Protection Guarantee – We want satisfied customers pure & simple, so we guarantee our own SIP services. The BroadConnect Investment Protection Guarantee covers monthly fees for the first 60 days of service, excluding installation costs and taxes. Ask your BroadConnect sales representative for more details.
  • Expert Project Managers – We have the experts to customize the design and delivery of your SIP solution, from site survey to deployment.
  • Resolution Expertise – Contact us with your problem and we will have our team of experts assist and manage your issue from beginning to end, while keeping you informed until the issue is resolved.
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support – Dedicated customer support staff are always available to help.
  • Account Management Online – Our web portal makes it easy for you to administer your account with us.
  • Service Level Agreement – Coverage for BroadConnect equipment, the local access network and our IP Network.
  • Service Interruption – Our goal is to provide 99.9% network reliability and to resolve a service interruption as quickly as possible.

The BroadConnect SIP Essentials

Essential Voice SIP

BroadConnect offers Essential Voice (EV) SIP Service that provides you with a local IP connection through any unified communications or PBX platform. EV SIP service enables you to make long distance and local calling via local phone numbers, 9-1-1 services and tailored calling plans. EV SIP Solutions are perfect for business SIP Trunking.

Long Distance SIP

By using a BroadConnect Long Distance SIP (LD-SIP) solution, your business can place every outbound long distance call via our secure and reliable Tier 1 network. With our experience and expertise, we custom tailor a solution to match your exact needs. You can reduce telecom costs with a reliable SIP solution from BroadConnect providing uninterrupted, crisp and cost effective long distance voice service.

Toll-Free SIP

Our Toll-Free SIP (TF-SIP) service provides your company with a total IP-based solution. We connect your inbound Toll-Free calls over our Tier 1 Network. The result is a secure and crisp digital voice service. We make the migration from your old network simple and guarantee uninterrupted service with our seamless design and implementation process.

Advanced VOIP Trunk Provider Features From BroadConnect

Our VoIP trunk provider features allow all parts of your business to be in touch with each other; customers, suppliers, and vendors. This includes:

  • Video and Audio Conferencing
  • Web Collaboration
  • Call Recording
  • Advanced Call Reporting
  • Call Centers

Let the experts at BroadConnect evaluate and prepare a custom solution because with SIP Trunking you can add advanced features that will help your organization communicate better on all levels. Our voice infrastructure platform is world-class and we are always updating it with the latest VoIP features, as they become available.

BroadConnect SIP Service Promise

Our SIP Trunking service fully utilizes our Converged Tier 1, North American network that enables you to enjoy the operational savings leveraged over a secure, next generation IP Network, which is not offered by most VoIP SIP providers. We deliver secure connectivity wherever you need it—whether it’s local, domestic, or anywhere worldwide, for toll free, long distance, and local voice services.

VOIP Service Promise for Our SIP Customers
  • Provides your company with a flexible solution to minimize costs by 40% annually when compared to legacy systems making SIP Trunking a powerful alternative to traditional Primary Rate Interfaces (PRIs)
  • Highly customizable, SIP Trunking replaces fixed PRIs with a scalable, feature-rich system with full PSTN connectivity.
  • With a custom SIP solution, you will determine your own calling preferences, features, and settings.
VOIP Service Promise Details
  • We offer a 60 day money back guarantee
  • We provide expertly configured SIP solutions
  • We have account managers dedicated to your success
  • We offer SIP service guarantees
  • We replace equipment

At BroadConnect, we realize that business customers want to operate more efficiently and reduce their costs; all without losing the quality that customers have come to expect. They want custom solutions that are flexible and empower them to migrate their current system on their terms. BroadConnect has the technical expertise, knowledge and experience to help customize a solution that’s a perfect match for your business. It’s another reason that makes us a top tier SIP Trunk provider in Canada and throughout North America.


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