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The area code 416 was one of Canada’s first and when it became necessary to split off some areas, the Oakville area code was then born. It was used for the suburbs of the “Greater Toronto Area” also known as (GTA) and came into being during the latter part of 1993. 905 was given as the area code for Oakville. This area code is also found in some areas that are very close to the GTA. It’s considered to be an area code overlay for Oakville. This code was accepted as an overlay in 2000 and became completely operational the next year. The reason that the transition was made so quickly was that the original area code had completely used up all of the phone numbers and so Oakville needed its own.

Once the overlay was put in place, then anyone calling businesses in the Oakville area needs to add 289 to the other numbers already being dialed to call a local number in Oakville. This is the only way to make calls in Oakville and is part of the 10-digit dialing system they use. In the past, a person could call directly by dialing the local number, but now they can only make the call using the 10-digit system. This causes issues with local businesses and their overall communication with their customers is often negatively affected.

The only way businesses in the area can resolve this issue is if they can reduce a number of complications that come along with the 10-digit dialing system. They will need a phone system that helps to resolve these issues. The phone system businesses will need in the area will have to have enough features that it can address the problems and enhance the overall performance of communications between the company and its customers.

Get a Business Phone Line With a 289 Area Code

The services and features the phone system will require are those that will make communicating by phone easier for the clients, so they don’t hesitate to contact your business. One of the features that will greatly help is making the calls free. Anytime a customer can get something for free they don’t want to pay for it. But even if the call is free, but the customer has difficulty contacting the company, it would be of no use. For this reason, accessibility is a necessary feature that businesses must have.

This is where BroadConnect business phone systems come into play. Their phone systems can provide your company with a toll-free number that would mean that all incoming calls are free and they can have a local Oakville number. This would help potential customers and clients to call you instead of your competitor.

This phone system even has an auto-attendant that can answer calls very similar to a human receptionist. This auto-attendant doesn’t get tired, and it never needs to go on break. It can work on weekends and on holidays, and it can work around the clock. This means that customers can call any time of day and night and let your company know what concerns they have and what questions they want answered. The system can also automatically transfer those calls and messages to a number that you designated with the BroadConnect system. This keeps your company from ever missing a call from your customers.

This is the system you need to eliminate the issues caused by the 10 digit system. It gives you the unique features of having an automated system that answers their calls around the clock and makes the overall experience smooth and friendly. Call us today to learn more.



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