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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions

Cloud-hosted secure IVR solutions with real-time reporting & analysis‎.

No Hardware Required For Our Hosted IVR Solutions

To effectively plan, develop, test and implement new IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) application requires an experienced and professional organization. Care should be taken to construct a workable solution that satisfies the needs of both the caller and the organization.

BroadConnect Canada offers planning and development for hosted IVRs solutions and the creation of automatic phone answering applications as part of the best VoIP phone systems programs that we offer. Whether your virtual auto attendant application is simple or complex, BroadConnect can develop your phone campaign quickly and have your application in production within days, without the need of purchasing any hardware. This is one of the many reasons we are one of the best VoIP for business providers in Canada. Whatever your requirement is, as a fully qualified IVR provider we can deliver a cost-effective solution, especially for SIP service.


IVR Service & Implementation Phases

BroadConnect applies a systems approach to the planning and development of IVR applications, especially for IVR Call Center applications. Here is a outline of the steps performed by our experienced IVR Canada management and development organization.IVR Consulting – can be defined as the definition phase of an IVR project. During this period, IVR consultants determine if and how an automated phone system solution can benefit both the organization and the end user. The result of this phase is the creation of an IVR feasibility document. This is critical for Call Centers.

IVR Plan – is an important phase of a project where the IVR application requirements are researched and defined in terms that can be understood by an IVR developer. The result of this research is a written document called the IVR specification.

IVR Development – is a component of an IVR project where a programming team is assembled and assigned tasks to compete the creation of an automated phone answering program for a virtual phone system.

IVR Programming – is the actual coding and creation of the IVR phone application. This can be accomplished using traditional programming languages or the IVR can be developed with high level IVR programming tools.

IVR Testing – is a key element within a new IVR development project. Testing involves not just the functioning of the IVR program but also how well the IVR program performs under stress and error conditions.

IVR Implementation – is the final phase of a new IVR project. During this period, the IVR program is installed in a live environment with real end users utilizing the features of this new program. IVR developers closely monitor the performance of the IVR during this initial implementation phase.

IVR Management – is control over the operation of an automated phone answering (IVR) program. This entails managing the computer and telecom resources as well as the IVR program including current maintenance functions and future enhancements.

IVR Client Applications

Testing and Interviewing Community Phone Services
  • Phone Surveys
  • Transportation Phone Services
  • Conducting Tests By Phone
  • Information Phone Services
  • Surveys Over The Phone
  • Utility Phone Services
  • Telephone Interviews (CATI)
  • IVR Registration Services
  • Clinical IVR Surveys
  • I’m Ok Senior Calls
  • Telephone System Survey
  • Emergency Management IVR
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Business Phone Services Customer Services By Phone
  • Employee Management Service
  • Help Desk Solutions
  • Store Locator Phone Service
  • Self Service IVR
  • HRD Phone Services
  • Virtual Help Desk
  • Employee Testing By Phone
  • Virtual Secretary
  • Customer Services By Phone
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Phone Coaching Services
  • Voice Over Talent
  • Payment By Phone
  • Automated Phone Directory
  • Money Transfer IVR
  • Professional Phone ServicesBusiness Phone Applications
  • Automated Attendant Phone System
  • Real Estate Phone Services
  • Virtual Office Receptionist
  • Financial Phone Services
  • Legal Phone Services
  • TPV Third Party Verification
  • Medical Phone Services
  • Security Guard Monitor
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