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International Incoming Business Phone Numbers

Acquire local and toll-free phone numbers from multiple countries or port your
existing phone numbers to optimize your global business.

Premium International DID Numbers

How can you make it easier for international customers to contact you? You could set up a local office, but by using BroadConnect’s virtual international landline number service, your customers can reach your offices in Canada for the cost of a local call. Easier, lower-cost access creates more export opportunities and gives your business a virtual local office. Whether you’re targeting Europe or the rest of the world, international DID numbers give you a clear advantage.

Incoming European Numbers

If you’re doing business in Europe, you could make it easier for customers and prospects, distributors or partners to make contact. With our European phone number service, you can give callers a local landline telephone number that gives them access to your IP phone network. That means they can dial your office in Canada for the cost of a call to a number in their own country.

You choose the European countries and specific area codes, and we’ll provide the international DID numbers. There is an affordable set-up fee and monthly charge for the service, but incoming calls cost you nothing.

A better way to do business in Europe

The 2017 CETA agreement made it easier for Canada to trade with European countries, an important step as Europe is Canada’s biggest trading partner after the USA. And, by using our international DID number service, your European contacts will find it easier and less costly to make inquiries, place orders, check on deliveries, get product information, make reports or discuss business opportunities.

As an added bonus you can use our analytics programs to identify the source of European calls and monitor usage of the international incoming call service. That can provide valuable data on the impact of your European marketing initiatives and help you refine your future export plans.

European Countries Supported

Other Supported Countries

Incoming International Number – Rest of the World

Maintaining contact with customers and prospects in far-flung international markets can be complex. If you don’t have a local or regional office, customers in different territories face expensive long-distance call charges to reach you in Canada. BroadConnect’s incoming international call service takes away the cost and inconvenience of those long-distance calls.

Contacts in selected countries around the world can call your Canadian office using a special landline number in international number format. All they pay is the cost of a landline call to a number in their own country. You can choose countries and area codes from a wide choice of locations and all you pay is a set-up fee and affordable monthly charge.

Take Advantage of Global Economic Growth

It’s a great time to build an export business. The World Bank forecasts global economic growth increasing to 3.1 percent in 2018, with even faster growth in emerging markets and developing economies. With our international incoming number service, you can take advantage of that dynamic growth by building closer relationships with prospects and trading partners in selected global territories.

By making it easier to place calls to your Canadian office, you won’t have to set up local offices and you can cut down on international travel. But, you’ll be able to streamline order intake, inquiry processing and business communications with your key contacts.

More than 8000 area codes across 50+ countries

For more information, talk to one of our customer success representatives about our global DID business numbers.

We’d be happy to quote incoming call costs for any country. Contact us today for more details.


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