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VOPI™ – Not VoIP

VOPI™ delivers your voice communications over the reliable private IP network.

VOPI™, is a fully managed solution that creates quailty VoIP telecommunications.

VOPI™ utilizes private, point-to-point circuits to carry your Hosted PBX voice communications.

VOPI™ (Voice Over Private Internet) Provides The Highest IP Voice Quality & Security

VOPI™ From BroadConnect Not VoIP

Unlike consumer VoIP traveling over the public Internet, our patented and perfected method of VoIP delivers voice and data communication over a secure network that is optimized for quality. We proudly call this, VOPI™ — Voice over Private Internet.

It may seem like a typo, but VOPI™ completely transforms how Internet-based telecommunications service is offered. Voice over Private Internet, or “VOPI™, is a fully managed solution solves a lot of problems inherent in an unmanaged VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) environment.

Unlike consumer-grade VoIP used by most hosted service providers, BroadConnect Canada’s VOPI™ Solution uses our own private, point-to-point circuits to carry your voice communications voice over an IP phone system.


What is BroadConnect Hosted PBX With VOPI™?

Voice Over Private Internet (VOPI™) means exceptional call quality, and advanced phone features with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) not available from other VoIP business providers.

The Advantages Of Using VOPI™ Rather Than VoIP Are Enormous

Higher Call Quality

While VoIP suffers from latency, jitter and packet loss – all factors which effect voice quality, VOPI™ has far fewer issues which degrade quality. Since the voice Packets, remain on the private internet, no voice traffic travels over the public internet. This allows BroadConnect Telecom to offer an IP Based Voice solution that eliminates all the concerns regarding quality and reliability for our hosted voice services.

BroadConnect Staff Fully Supports Our VOPI™ Network

BroadConnect backs these capabilities with the most highly trained, customer-oriented employees in the industry, unprecedented reliability and disaster recovery tools, world-class support and training that helps every employee use every capability that will make their jobs easier, faster, more efficient and more cost efficient.

Advanced Security

Denial of service attacks and other hacking can affect VoIP quality of service, as well as call flooding and call hijacking. Hackers with packet sniffers and other tools can monitor where calls are coming from and where they’re going to. At the ISP level, they can even eavesdrop on VoIP lines. Because BroadConnect Telecom’s customers’ traffic travels on its own secure network none of those threats to security or quality are factors with our VOPI™ Solution.

The most common reason a network outage occurs is due to an increased strain to the SIP lines by hundreds or even thousands of VoIP devices trying to reconnect and re-register on the same network at the same time.

Regardless of the reason, you can be assured that the BroadConnect Private Network has incorporated the right amount of SBC’s to manage every threat level.

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The Necessities of Session Border Controllers

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) ensure VoIP calls are routed properly between your various network providers. SBCs understand their unique protocols and enable calls to be delivered and secured across the different networks. By employing multiple SBC’s, Broadconnect Telecom makes the transfer between networks a hassle-free and seamless process especially for a cloud based Call Center.

Network Security

Security is paramount when it comes to SBC’s. Applications, such as VoIP, require SBCs to maintain control of IP communications handled over many devices and networks. VoIP isn’t like your traditional landline or cell phone and a plethora of security issues need to be addressed. SBC has been developed to help discourage some of the following threats:

  • Service theft and fraud: When a hacker is able to gain access to a Volt system that isn’t secured properly. With a hacker being able to use the network resources the establishment ends up paying for any unauthorized charges.
  • Denial-of-service (DoS) / Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks: Attack towards DoS and DDoS find a way to flood a server of SBC’s with requests so they can actively take them out of commission. DoS attacks come from a single point or user and DDoS attacks can come from hundreds or even thousands of bots.
  • Registration Storms: This is when a large amount of devices, users or bots try to register within the SIP server at the same time on a VoIP Network.

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