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What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX is a widely used term today to describe a business telephony service for voice communications that reside “in the cloud”. These telephony communications act as if they are stationed inside your location when instead they are managed from an external data center and are commonly referred to as “Cloud Communications”. Everyone in your organization can rely on the same advanced IP business phone features at every location. As your business grows, and the demands of serving new customers increases, our VoIP business phone service easily scales to fit your needs.

BroadConnect Hosted PBX service is an enterprise-quality, cloud-based IP phone service that enhances employee communications through the use of a singular unified phone system.

Budgetary Advantages

  • Avoid Capital Expenditures
  • Predictable Communications Expenses
  • FREE Inter-office Calls
  • Consolidation of voice and data networks
  • Managed services eliminate the need for on-site technical resources or maintenance contracts
  • Instant moves / adds / changes at NO COST with our phone systems for business
  • Online phone systems reduce space/power requirements at all your locations


Business and Operations Cost Savings

With no expensive PBX equipment to lease, purchase or maintain this system requires minimal upfront capital investment. BroadConnect offers a wide range of affordable phones, features, and calling plans. By outsourcing your phone system to BroadConnect, we handle all the advanced IP features and upgrades, so you are free to focus on more important aspects of your business and never need to worry about technology obsolescence.

  • Hosted PBX Eliminates the cost of owning and servicing a PBX System
  • Calling Features included with the overall price

Put Private Hosted Voice to Work for You

BroadConnect delivers Hosted PBX over our PRIVATE Internet Network, which means there can be NO point of failure due to the public Internet. We operate and maintain the entire network a single platform, with completely redundant databases, servers, routers and Internet connections. As a result, there is NO network component in the public Internet that can fail and cause the communication problems. Other companies are forced to use hosted solutions that utilize or rely on the public Internet, meaning voice communications travel over a public network and use public hardware to complete the communication circuit, which leads to quality issues.

The Many Benefits of Hosted PBX from BroadConnect

Reliability Benefits
  • Expert network planning and engineering
  • 7X24x365 network monitoring and management
  • Carrier-grade fault tolerant network
  • Instantaneous automatic disaster recovery
  • Off-site storage of critical provisioning and services configuration
  • Automatic backup of critical provisioning and services configuration
  • Cost-effective voice / data transport redundancy
Geographic Flexibility Benefits
  • Extension dialing between different office locations. Allows branch locations to appear as part of the main phone system at head office
  • Retain numbers when moving between offices
  • Distributed call centers and hunt groups
  • Forward voicemails between offices
  • Seamless work-at-home / telecommuter capabilities
  • Road-warrior productivity features (e.g., Find-Me / Follow-Me)
  • Build a cloud Contact Center anywhere
Management Benefits
  • Avoid Service Charges for changes or additions to your phone system
  • Avoid scheduling and waiting for technicians
  • Single vendor / one-stop-shop eases vendor management and eliminates finger-pointing
  • No on-site technical resources needed
  • Multi-office / multi-service consolidated billing, one bill for all your locations
Risk Benefits
  • Elimination of proprietary equipment
  • Regularly planned service feature enhancements
  • Ability to dynamically “right-size”
  • Advanced next-generation network technology without the investment
  • With Call Center VoIP, it can be resourced from everywhere

Advantages Gained by Choosing BroadConnect Hosted PBX Service

Assured Delivery of Your Mission-Critical Business Communications
BroadConnect is the broadest QoS-enabled voice network and has one of the largest broadband reaches of any network in Canada. The speed, reliability, and security required to deliver 99.999% uptime to you comes from our fully-managed Canada-wide Virtual Private Network (VPN) with built-in security.
Voice Call Quality Engineered by Network-Based Quality of Service (QoS)s
Your crystal clear voice calls are securely delivered and always prioritized over data communications. Bring-your-own-broadband (BYOB) just doesn’t measure up the same way. We make it mandatory and supply our private data connection to your business for the best virtual PBX possible.
One experienced provider, one number to call
We are the single source for all of your voice and data needs. Reach our friendly, knowledgeable Canada-based customer service representatives 24 hours a day by dialing just one number.
Truly Turnkey Service
Since voice service is mission-critical, businesses are sometimes not satisfied with “self-install kits”. We answer the need for quality hosted VoIP services with professional project management, on-site installation, and on-demand training.

Get the right Hosted PBX services at the right price

BroadConnect can provide effortless migration of your existing PBX systems to an IP telephony platform without the need to replace your current phone system.

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