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Powerful Enterprise-Grade Phone Solutions to Maximize Productivity

And capacity from BroadConnect, Canada’s leading VoIP service provider.

Enterprise Solutions

BroadConnect specializes in supplying enterprise businesses with efficient Hosted PBX phone systems that merge voice and data communications onto one Network while providing quality, reliability, security and disaster recovery without impacting bottom line profits.


We support Enterprise requirements for Hosted PBX services

If growth pushes demand to exceed your capacity or you want to expand organizational functionality with unified communications or our Hosted Call Centre solutions, BroadConnect offers the best VoIP systems to satisfy your communication needs.

Powerful Services to Drive your Business

Whenever there is a demand, expansion, or capacity issue BroadConnect is here for you. We will unify your systems to increase productivity, add a Call Center anywhere to improve efficiency, and integrate Salesforce to bridge CRM relationships. Best of all your enterprise business can gain all of the added value benefits from our Hosted services that a traditional legacy system cannot deliver. These services can be established without incurring huge infrastructure costs.

Hosted Communications Platform

Our Enterprise business grade Hosted PBX service takes your organization to the next level with over 200 features that can raise personal productivity worldwide. Our VoIP system is unmatched in reliability and scalability so your enterprise and customers will always have the business grade service they have come to expect wherever they are situated in the world from a strong Hosted VoIP provider.

Disaster Recovery & Reliability

A catastrophic event can cripple and bring an enterprise to its knees. The BroadConnect Data Centre is located at 151 Front St., Toronto, which houses the nation’s most prominent telecommunication providers. Our private network provides superior redundancy, enables quick recover in the event of a disaster, and requires us to have a staff of experts to manage and maintain the Network 24/7.

Simplify & Lower Costs

Enterprises operating on a global scale often expand their business opportunities in the event of an acquisition or merger that can result in the inheritance of incompatible infrastructure or lead to multiple service providers. BroadConnect can simplify solutions for your Enterprise and integrate them in a seamless manner without incurring major infrastructure costs.

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