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Cordless VoIP Phones

Worker Mobility & Freedom Within Your Location Improves Efficiency

Cordless IP Phones allow your staff to roam but stay connected. Just one of the perks of signing up for our hosted PBX service that is one of the top rated in Canada. Increase efficiency and collaboration with these phones.


Base Unit and 1 Cordless Handset

You can use a range of carrier services such as Call Forward, Voice Mail, etc. are part of the SIP enabled phone system, which allows having up to 8 phone numbers, each ringing to different handsets. The phone system responds to IP-Centrex/Hosted PBX Services.

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Base Station and Cordless Phone

This SIP Cordless Phone was designed for small business users looking for an affordable system with scalability and efficiency with 4 simultaneous calls. Features include intercom, transfer, 3-way conferencing and speed dial from this wireless VoIP phone.

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Cordless Handset

This additional Cordless handset can be added to either the Panasonic KX-TGP500 or KX-TGP550 systems, allowing for full customization. The LCD display is bright with soft keys, holds 100 numbers in memory, displays the last 10 calls and can have specific DID ring tones.

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This optimal SIP cordless phone system is great for small and medium-sized offices. It allows eight handsets to be connected and calls can come in or be made on all eight lines simultaneously. There are optional handsets for different business usage applications all with high-quality communication technology.

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Base Station and Cordless Phone

Six cordless handsets can be connected to the VSP600 base station. This provides your business with hands-free mobility and each handset will have its own unique number or ext. The system can be configured for six lines with four concurrent calls.

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