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Why a BroadConnect Hosted PBX Phone System is Your Best Option

By choosing BroadConnect hosted PBX, you will receive excellent quality calls, advanced features and highly developed capabilities along with latest upgrades. A hosted PBX system is a cost-effective solution for businesses as it offers a low-cost plan when compared with traditional or ancient phone systems. There is no extra charge for you to buy PBX equipment and hire a technician to install it. A high-speed internet connection and phone is all you need to get started.
Calgary – the largest city in Alberta – is the ringleader in the oil and gas industry, and economic expansion. This industry has acted as a catalyst in increasing self-employment rates and helping small businesses thrive. Because of this, Calgary is progressively becoming home to more Canadian corporate offices, such as Shaw Communication, Canadian Pacific Railway, Suncor Energy, WestJet. But office expenditures are costly, which is why Hosted PBX offers enormous telecom savings compared to traditional options.

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Hosted PBX Features

By outsourcing your phone to BroadConnect, the company will customize a hosted PBX solution that meets the communication needs of your business. Each department of the company will benefit from a telephony solution that maximizes the efficiency of the communication happening on a daily basis. This also helps the different categories of workers, as it provides them with specific features to help make them more productive in their respective departments. A hosted PBX system is cloud based and is fully scalable to allow the changing of numbers of lines, altering of features, and/or adding more extensions to the service at any time.

Auto Attendant

Designed Call Forwarding

Call Recording & Reporting


Mobile / Online Web Portal


Simultaneous & Sequential Ring

And Much More!

Calgary Phone Service Experts
Our highly qualified technicians are only a call away from Calgary. Whether you require assistance with installing the system or help troubleshooting a specific feature, our technicians are capable of handling all your needs. BroadConnect employs technicians with plenty of experience in the relevant fields to ensure maximum efficiency.

Our team is fully responsible for installing and assisting you in any maintenance required during our services. We strive to provide the best business telephony service in your local area.

What you get for Choosing BroadConnect Hosted PBX

You don’t just choose a VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system without considering some things. Our Hosted PBX offers you secure and reliable Virtual PBX Solution of the enterprise grade and with superb voice quality through our private network. All your communication needs are covered when you choose a Hosted PBX Solution and as a result you stand a chance to get improved productivity from workers, which is not obtainable with the traditional phone system.

The use of BroadConnect Hosted PBX phone systems does not include any capital expense; neither do you have to spend on maintenance contracts. Our general pricing is fantastic, featuring one of the lowest call rates for long distance calling in the industry. You can have your internet service combined with your telephone in a single package. It’s the least we can do to ensure convenience!

You’ll get coast to coast service from our Canadian VoIP service as well as ‘Anytime Monitoring and Support’. We deal with the top VoIP hardware suppliers in the industry, including Cisco, Avaya, Polycom and others to ensure that we offer nothing but the best quality service and other massive benefits of the phone system.

How Hosted PBX Works

Hosted PBX is a phone system that is completely controlled by BroadConnect and delivered through a cloud storage system. We are fully responsible for the maintenance and support of the phone system provided by us. The hosted PBX phone system is budget-friendly as it doesn’t require the purchase of expensive hardware.

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