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BroadConnect’s Hosted PBX is the next generation business phone system that will provide your core business communications everything needed to be streamlined and efficient, saving you time and money.


Our VoIP Service Promise

Enjoy crystal-clear voice quality with our Hosted PBX Service delivered over our secure and reliable network. Reliability, scalability, and exceptional service define BroadConnect’s state-of-the-art communications solution. We provide peace of mind, enhanced productivity, and cost-effective flexibility with our cloud phone system.

We offer advanced VoIP solutions renowned within our industry and the expertise to design a custom phone system for your business.

VoIP Service Promise Details

• We offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

• We offer service guarantees.

• We will replace equipment.

• We offer flexible Service Agreements.

• We have account managers dedicated to your success.

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Your IP Telephone System, VoIP maintenance, support, equipment, installation and updates are all handled under one roof. We offer a turnkey fully managed Hosted PBX solution that has low capital expenses and is extremely easy to use. It’s the new and economical answer for businesses that want to replace their out-of-date legacy equipment or open new office sites.



Why Should I Choose BroadConnect’s Business VoIP?

Companies today have a number of choices when it comes to VoIP (Voice over IP). By Choosing BroadConnect’s Hosted PBX solution you’ll receive incredible calling rates and a reliable enterprise class Hosted PBX solution without incurring the enterprise pricing trap! Implementing BroadConnect’s VoIP, for your business, will let you enjoy Canada’s true Coast to Coast coverage and 24/7 support and maintenance along with no capital investments or those pesky maintenance contracts. We’ll effortlessly consolidate and tie together your businesses multiple locations and supercharge them all with our advanced mobility features.

  • Future-Proofing Your Infrastructure
  • Reducing Overhead
  • Easily Scalable While You Grow
  • Lowering Operational Costs

BroadConnect uses BroadSoft’s technology which has been widely recognized throughout the telecom industry. As pioneers in voice and data telecom network coverage, BroadConnect and BroadSoft have joined forces and set new industry standards for all next generation network services around North America.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure or have general questions about our Hosted PBX Service, one of our dedicated Account Managers would be more than happy to help you out.

Real Time Work Groups

Streamlined: Offers a simplified platform that can operate voice, Internet and multimedia services.
Reduced Costs: Convert CapEx into OpEx with our managed phone system. Since we take care of installation and maintenance you can save even more.
Voice Prioritization: Our broadband network always puts voice first, ensuring that incoming and outgoing calls are always clear and reliable.
Guaranteed QoS-Quality of Service: Our privately owned and managed nation-wide IP network is built for secure voice delivery.
Seamless Multi-Location Integration: As a cloud-based system, our Hosted PBX service integrates geographically distinct locations, home-offices and mobile devices as part of its core functionality.
Toll Fraud Protection: By analyzing your voice traffic in real-time, on an ongoing basis we can notify you or take action immediately if any irregular or excessive calling patterns occur.


Contact a BroadConnect representative to discuss the advantages Hosted PBX can bring to your organization.

Be Productive with our MobileLink 


Turning your Smartphone into a fully functional office phone is critical in business today.  


We provide the freedom of extending office phone services to your mobile device while billing your office line, which reduces costs. Find Me/Follow Me and the ability to share your number and services across different devices are the most popular advantages of mobile integration.


Contact one of our representatives about MobileLink Today!

BroadConnect makes interoffice communications better!

A Hosted PBX Solution from BroadConnect will give your business a fully customizable telephony solution that will meet and surpass your daily needs. We fully customize the number of lines, extensions and features while leveraging the number of lines across a great number of users.

  • Auto Attendant – Advanced automated receptionist.
  • Web Portal – Efficiently & intuitively manage all your Group Features.
  • Voicemail-to-Email – Receive your Voice Messages as .wav Attachments.
  • Desktop, outlook and smartphone integration.
  • Simultaneous & Sequential Ring (Find Me/Follow Me).
  • Selective Call Forwarding – Define When, How and for whom to Forward Calls.
  • Fax-to-Email – Never Lose a Fax Transmission Again.
  • Advanced call recording and reporting.

Budgetary Benefits

• Free inter-office calling

• Predictable communications expenses

• Managed services eliminate the need for on-site technical resources or maintenance contracts

Management Benefits

• Single vendor / one-stop-shop eases vendor

• No on-site technical resources needed

• Multi-office / multi-service consolidated billing, one bill for all your locations

Reliability Benefits

• Expert network planning and engineering

• Instantaneous automatic disaster Recovery

• Automatic backup of critical provisioning and services configuration

Risk Benefits

• Elimination of proprietary equipment

• Regularly planned service feature enhancements

• Advanced next-generation network technology without the investment


Exceptional call quality, advanced phone features, system scalability delivered on our highly reliable, global IP network and we keep you up to date with the latest VoIP communication technology upgrades.


  • VoPI™ From BroadConnect

    Not all Hosted PBX (VoIP) Providers are the same. BroadConnect has developed a VoPI™; a private network, which delivers its service over a highly secure network and has been optimized for quality. We have taken this step to ensure our customers will always have the highest level of voice quality possible. With our VoPI™ solution, we have become Canada`s leading and most trusted Hosted PBX Provider, delivering efficient and effective service for all VoIP solutions AT A GREAT PRICE.

  • Hosted Call Center

    We offer call center solutions that are both flexible and affordable. Our solutions provide a feature-rich Call Center environment built on a Coast To Coast carrier-class platform. The rich feature set allows companies to greatly improve customer care, create virtual call centers anywhere and manage and calls effectively and efficiently through a centralized phone number or set of phone numbers.

  • Unified Communications

    Productivity is dramatically boosted when all devices and tools are enabled to be integrated across all touch points. From your Blackberry or iPhone to Microsoft suites such as Office Communicator Mobile, Outlook or Office, your mobile workers will never be disconnected from your place of business. With Increased efficiency, improved communications and heightened collaboration, a BroadConnect Unified Communications Solution will be right for you.


These features allow every part of your business to be in touch with each other, customers, suppliers and vendors. Included with this group are Video and Audio Conferencing, Web Collaboration, Call Recording, Advanced Call Reporting and Call Centres. Let the experts at BroadConnect evaluate and prepare a custom solution with advanced features that will help your organization communicate better on all levels. Our platform is being updated with the latest VoIP features as they become available.




BroadConnect utilizes the BroadSoft Telecom Communications Platform for VoIP services. We deliver powerful unified communications features through our expertise in BroadSoft’s core platform:

• BroadWorks: the popular VOIP platform for expanded service reach, operational savings, and rich application integration.
• BroadCloud: BroadSoft’s fully managed service whereby administrators access a self-admin service portal and users access a service portal.
• UC-One: the unified voice, video, IM, communications service for mobile and desktop platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS.

Companies across Canada, from coast to coast, use one rich, multi-platform application that effortlessly integrates existing corporate applications such as CRM and ERP.



No matter how big or small, how many locations you have or how many employees you have on staff, a Business VoIP Solution from BroadConnect is probably right for you. Here are a couple things to consider if you’re on the fence about moving from your traditional phone lines.

  • Is your current phone system more than five years old?
  • Do you spend money on support fees or on changes to the configuration of your private branch exchange?
  • Would you like to freely manage and add or subtract extensions on your system?
  • Does your Business currently conduct operations out of one or multiple places?
  • Do you want to look more professional and interact better with the people calling you?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, Hosted PBX is right for you!

A Hosted PBX Solution from BroadConnect enables you to focus on what’s most important to your business. You’ll never again worry about your business communications. With our business voice solution that’s fully managed, we can save your company what’s most important, time and money.