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Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX from BroadConnect gives you access to advanced business communications technology. Improve productivity and collaboration, increase mobility and cut your annual costs by as much as 40 percent.

  • Sophisticated calling features
  • No infrastructure required
  • Scale capacity on demand
  • Manage your system through intuitive portal
  • Gain support around the clock

Cloud communications bring
down the barriers

Forget the limitations of legacy business phone systems. Cloud communications empower your mobile workers and connect your sites, your customers and your supply chain members, wherever they are located. Communicate anywhere on any device with unified communications and give your business a communication platform for the future.

Advanced Business Communications with Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX opens new communications opportunities that go way beyond a great business phone service.

Sophisticated business phone features

With Hosted PBX, your employees can access phone services, voicemail, messaging and collaboration tools on one seamless, easy-to-use system.

Increased collaboration

Your employees can collaborate on any device from their desks , on the road, or at home with accessible, affordable web, video and audio conferencing with unified communications.

Mobility and global reach

Global reach means just that. Hosted PBX links any site and any mobile or remote worker with seamless access to cloud communications services.

Savings across the board

Eliminate infrastructure expenditure, reduce support costs and save around 40 percent on annual communication costs.

Take your Business to New Heights With Canada’s Leading Hosted PBX Service Provider

BroadConnect offers you Canadian-based and locally supported cloud-hosted PBX services. This robust, fully managed technology solution enables you to focus on your core business, not your telephone system.

We provide you with network hardware, network connectivity, installation, configuration, ongoing maintenance, training, and support to deliver the best virtual office phone system in Canada.

Find out how you can save up to 40 percent per month on your communications costs.

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Seamless communications anywhere, on any device

With Hosted PBX, your employees don’t have to be at their desks to communicate. They can handle calls, texts and messages, check voicemail and contact details on any desktop or mobile phone device. Now everyone can be more productive.

On the desk

With the right IP phones employees can access all the advanced calling features and services available from Hosted PBX.

On the screen

Why leave the screen? With Hosted PBX, you can access full communications services on your PC and Mac without leaving your important business applications.

Away from the office

A softphone app gives your mobile users access to all Hosted PBX services on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices.

Flexible Seat Options


An affordable hardware solution that provides essential phone features for casual users in lobbies, meeting areas and public spaces.

Polycom VVX 300/310


The standard option gives general office and support staff a range of great call-handling features to improve productivity and efficiency.

Polycom VVX 400/410


Managers, executives and knowledge workers can access advanced features to improve communication and collaboration.

Polycom VVX 500


A solution for individuals, such as customer service or support staff who handle high call volumes.

Polycom VVX 600 with Receptionis Sidecar(s)

Hosted PBX by BroadConnect Canada


This seat is ideal for small team meetings and collaboration with external participants.

Polycom Soundstation
IP 5000
Polycom Soundstation
IP 7000


A softphone application that lets mobile staff access all their services on smartphones and other devices.


Receptionists can handle high volumes of incoming calls efficiently, with fast, easy transfers and advanced features to improve customer service.

Polycom VVX 600 with Receptionis Sidecar(s)


This seat provides a central facility for voicemail and supports a responsive service outside normal business hours.


For hot-desking environments the virtual seat provides fully featured services for any authorized employee.

One Solution, Many Benefits

Our complete solution includes the latest IP phones that feature HD voice and video as well as advanced call-handling features.


No upfront costs, predictable monthly service fees, free calls between sites and low-cost long-distance call charges.

Advanced features

Sophisticated call routing and handling, auto attendant, voicemail, messaging and collaboration tools, and integration with popular business applications.

Fully managed service

No need to manage, maintain or upgrade your office phone system. BroadConnect takes full responsibility for maintaining a secure, reliable service that’s always available.


Increase or reduce capacity on demand to meet business growth or peak traffic. Add features as you need them.

Why choose BroadConnect Hosted PBX service?

By choosing a Hosted PBX solution from BroadConnect, you can focus on your business and your customers. We take care of communications management, maintenance and upgrading to ensure your office phone system continues to operate securely and reliably. We monitor the system round the clock and deal proactively with any issues. You and your team can focus on using communications technology to drive business benefits.

Advanced Platform

Our Hosted PBX service is built on the market-leading Broad Soft platform, one of the most advanced systems in the world for delivering feature-rich Unified Communications and Voice over IP solutions.

Single Point
of Contact

A dedicated account team works with you to provide you with outstanding customer service and the highest standards of quality and support.

Technical Support

Our experienced, certified technical team monitors your system and upgrades it automatically to ensure your users always work with the latest communications technology.

Tailored to
Your Business

Our experts can tailor a Hosted PBX solution to meet business, technical, operational and financial needs.



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