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BroadConnect Hosted Call Center Features

Hosted Call Center Features That Make All the Difference

We offer the following Hosted Call Center features through the Broadworks module of the Broadsoft Platform for optimal Cloud Call Center solutions.

Cloud Based PBX General Operational Features
Call Center Creation Wizardcheckcheckcheck
Queue Addressing/DNIS support checkcheckcheck
Assign full DN or Extension to queuecheckcheckcheck
• Assign SIP Alias to queuecheckcheckcheck
• Assign multiple DNIS per Queuecheck
Assign Agents to queuescheckcheckcheck
• Assign multiple DNIS per Queuecheckcheckcheck
Assign Supervisors
• Assign Supervisors to Queues (skill groups)checkcheck
• Assign Agents to Supervisorscheckcheck
Note: Supervisors do not require a Call Center license unless they are assigned as an Agent in a Queue
ACD Call Types
Inbound ACD callscheckcheckcheck
Video ACD callscheckcheckcheck
Outbound ACD callscheck

IP Voice Announcement and Queue Media
Entrance Announcementcheckcheckcheck
Mandatory Entrance Announcementcheckcheckcheck
Play Estimated Wait Time/Location in Queuecheckcheckcheck
Music on Hold / Video on Holdcheckcheckcheck
Comfort Messagecheckcheckcheck
Comfort Message Bypasscheck
Whisper Message to Agentcheck
Customizable Announcements (all) by Queuecheckcheckcheck
Customizable Announcements per DNIS within Queuecheck
Play Ringing when offering call to Agentcheckcheckcheck
High Definition Audio and Video playback (all files)
• G722 Audio Announcementscheckcheckcheck
• 720p (H.264) Video Announcementscheckcheckcheck
Load media files via web portalcheckcheckcheck
Retrieve media files via URL/servercheckcheckcheck
Chain up to 4 media files per announcementcheckcheckcheck
Stream Music/Video on Hold from external sourcecheckcheckcheck
Assign preferred codec for internal and external callscheckcheckcheck
VoIP Client Routing/Distribution Policies
Call Distribution policies
• Ordered - start at top ('Regular')checkcheckcheck
• Ordered - start at next agent ('Circular')checkcheckcheck
• Most Idle ('Uniform')checkcheckcheck
• Weightedcheckcheckcheck
• Simultaneouscheckcheckcheck
• Directory Number Huntingcheckcheckcheck
Queue Priority Settings
• Longest Waiting Callcheckcheckcheck
• Highest Priority Queuecheckcheckcheck
• Prioritize DNIS within a Queuecheck
Escape from Queue
Overflow routing policy
• Time-based overflowcheckcheckcheck
• Size-based overflowcheckcheckcheck
• Transfer callcheckcheckcheck
• Transfer to voicemailcheckcheckcheck
• Play ringback to callercheckcheckcheck
• Play announcement prior to treatmentcheckcheckcheck
Bounced call routing policy
• Route to next agentcheckcheck
• Change agent ACD state after bounced
• Transfer callcheck
Stranded call routing policy
• Leave call in queuecheckcheck
• Transfer callcheckcheck
• Transfer to voicemailcheckcheck
• Apply Night Servicecheck
• Play ringback to callercheck
• Play announcement to caller (loop)check
Night Service
• Assign Selective Call Forwarding servicecheckcheckcheck
• Integrated Night Service settingscheck
• Play announcement prior to treatmentcheck
• Allow manual activation, with custom
Holiday Service
• Assign Selective Call Forwarding servicecheckcheckcheck
• Integrated Holiday Service settingscheck
• Play announcement prior to treatmentcheck
Forced Forwarding
• Use Call Forwarding Always or DND servicecheckcheckcheck
•Integrated Forced Forwarding settingscheck
• Play announcement prior to treatmentcheck
Cloud Phone System: Agent Features
Display Inbound call information (Client and device)
• Calling Party Namecheckcheckcheck
• Calling Party Numbercheckcheckcheck
• Caller Wait Timecheckcheckcheck
• Number of Calls in Queuecheckcheckcheck
• Wait time of Longest Waiting call in queuecheckcheckcheck
• DNIS Namecheck
• DNIS Numbercheck
• Custom DNIS CLIDcheck
Guard Timercheckcheckcheck
Call Center membership
• Activate/deactivate agents in queues ('Join')checkcheckcheck
• Allow/disallow agents to change
membership status
Allow/disallow Call Waiting for agentscheckcheckcheck
Distinctive Ringing for ACD calls (4 alert options)checkcheckcheck
Agent Mobility
• Deliver call to alternate device (Shared Call Appearance, Remote Office, BroadWorks Anywhere)checkcheckcheck
• Present DNIS number to mobile devicecheck
Set ACD states
• Sign-Incheckcheck
• Sign-Outcheckcheck
• Availablecheckcheck
• Unavailable (additional details below)checkcheck
• Wrap-Up, including set max wrap up timercheckcheck
Custom Unavailable Codes (eg Lunch, Break, etc)
• Up to 1000 custom codes per companycheckcheck
• Create Unavailable codes for each companycheckcheck
Set post call ACD state (eg timed wrap up)checkcheck
Call Escalation to Supervisor
• Normal escalation (consultative)checkcheck
• Emergency escalation (immediate conference)checkcheck
Held Call Treatment
• Alert agent of held callscheckcheck
• Bounce calls held past thresholdcheckcheck
Call Center FAC/Star Code support
• Escalate call to Supervisorcheckcheck
• Place Outbound ACD or Personal callcheck
Assign Disposition Code
• Up to 1000 custom codes per companycheck
• Create Disposition codes for each queuecheck
Auto-answer calls via Call Center settingcheck
Supervisor Features (via Supervisor client)
All Agent features (if assigned a CC license)checkcheck
Monitor/manage agents
• View call and ACD statecheckcheck
• Change ACD statecheckcheck
• View queue memberships and Join statuscheckcheck
• Barge-in on callscheckcheck
• Send email (if configured)checkcheck
• Answer alerting callscheckcheck
• Transfer alerting callscheckcheck
Monitor/manage queued calls
• View status of queuecheckcheck
• Retrieve queued callcheckcheck
• Transfer queued callcheckcheck
• Reorder queued callcheckcheck
• Move to higher priority bucket within queuecheck
Silent Monitoring
• Active calls with agentscheck
• Next call to agentcheck
• Next call to queuecheck
• Barge-in on monitored callscheck
Call Center FAC/Star Code support
• Silent Monitor callcheck
• Silent Monitor next callcheck
• Night Service activation/deactivationcheck
• Forced Forwarding activation/deactivationcheck
Call Center Administration Features (via Group or Department Admin portal)
Manage Call Center settings
• Assign Agents to queuescheckcheckcheck
• Activate/deactivate agent membership in
queues ('Join' status)
• Configure queue thresholdscheckcheckcheck
• Load announcementscheckcheckcheck
Reporting Features
Real time Dashboard (via Supervisor client)checkcheck
Agent Reports
• Call Detail Reportcheckcheck
• Call Reportcheckcheck
• Duration Reportcheckcheck
• Activity Reportcheckcheck
• Summary Reportcheckcheck
• Unavailability Reportcheckcheck
• Sign-In/Sign-Out Reportcheckcheck
• Disposition Code Reportcheckcheck
Queue Reports
• Call Detail Reportcheckcheck
• Call Center Reportcheckcheck
• Incoming Calls Reportcheckcheck
• Presented Calls Reportcheckcheck
• Summary Reportcheckcheck
• Abandoned Call Reportcheckcheck
• Service Level Reportcheckcheck
• Overflow Matrixcheckcheck
• Disposition Code Reportcheckcheck
Scheduled Reports
• Create scheduled reportscheckcheck
Custom Reports
• Access custom reportscheckcheck
Note: Recommend custom reports are created by Service Provider
Report Filterscheckcheck
Export Reports as XLS and PDFcheckcheck
Report Brandingcheckcheck
Assignable Services to a Call Center
(sample list only)
Alternate Numberscheckcheckcheck
Call Forwarding Alwayscheckcheckcheck
Call Forward Selectivecheckcheckcheck
Call Notifycheckcheckcheck
Custom Ringbackcheckcheckcheck
Call Me Nowcheckcheckcheck
Do Not Disturbcheckcheckcheck
Pre-Alerting Announcementcheckcheckcheck
Selective Call Acceptance/Rejectioncheckcheckcheck
Voice Messagingcheckcheckcheck
Message Waiting Indicatorcheckcheckcheck

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