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Call Recording

With BroadConnect there are no limits to the number of calls recorded and no limit on the length of each call with our Hosted Call Center services. Recorded calls are easily managed, cataloged, and retrieved, and can be played back from archives without the need for additional hardware or software. This architecture allows for changes in the business size and the number of calls recorded and there are no restrictions on the number of seats, or the recording time.

Multi-location Support Through The Internet

Call recording supports organizations with multiple locations with one single point of access. All recorded calls are securely stored in one web location and can be accessed through the web from any location. Our architecture allows for changes in the business size and the number of calls recorded and there are no restrictions on the number of seats, or the recording time.



Our system uses a fully integrated architecture providing a single point of contact for all calls regardless of the multitude of contact points.


Call Recording System Features

Robust Reporting

Recorded calls and calls in progress reports can be accessed through a browser and multiple data points such as; the telephone number, date or time, and other filters provided by the system.

Supervisor rights

Supervisors can listen to customer service calls as they are being recorded without the call participants hearing any alert.

Call Recording Features

  • Dashboard – Summarized recorded calls are displayed on a dashboard and offers the user an overview of all their recorded call traffic as well as system statistics.
  • Calls in Progress – Users have the ability to monitor calls in progress. This feature is particularly useful for training, order verification, client time-logging or when unusual usage has been detected.
  • Recorded Calls – They are displayed in an easy to use browser-based interface.
  • Comments – Users have the ability to place text comments, which becomes a searchable field, on specific calls. This is useful in situations where a reference number, case number or name must be associated with recorded calls.
  • Annotation – Users have the ability to playback calls and place markers in the call with text comments as well as to upload documents associated with a particular recorded call. When reviewing a call, the user can go straight to the comments that need to be reviewed.
  • Categories – Categories allow the user to create their own user-defined categories and associate them with recorded calls. This is a searchable field. Categories are critical for associating marketing campaigns with calls in a call center facility.
  • Alerts – Alerts provide e-mail notifications based upon the unique needs or attributes of the recorded call. This is valuable in cases for emergency and security conferencing situations. The user is alerted as soon as a call is initiated.
  • Non-proprietary Media Player – recordings are accessible by standard media players such as Windows Media Player® or Quicktime®.
  • Customized Call Recording – Determine which calls you want to record by setting recording preferences for each extension. For example, record only those calls concerning particular telephone or account numbers, or from certain locations, or during certain times or shifts or on a particular day of the week.
  • Call Archival – You can save calls using a multi-select and download functionality or a FTP client to save the call on your system.
  • Permission Based Access – Administrators have the ability to create system users with limited access to calls based upon the call extension. This allows the call center manager access to only their team’s calls. All other calls are inaccessible based on permissions. Privacy and efficiency are both ensured.


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