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  • Our Hosted Call Centers are custom-tailored cloud based solution to fit your specific needs today and as you grow in the future.
  • Regardless of whatever you are a new start-up company with a small number of employees, a maturing Enterprise company with many employees, or a mid-market customer with a few employees or team, BroadConnect can help you streamline your communications, reduce costs and greatly improve accessibility to your clients.

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Using the cloud allows you more flexibility with better access  and more advanced options than ever before. This means improved customer service, better response time, and flexible, efficient operations. As your requirements grow options can be added. Using the cloud for your Call Center services gives your company an advanced platform that is constantly being upgrading. We offer a number of options that will help you provide stellar service to your customers through a perfectly tailored solution and your workers can be part of the on-site team or may work from remote locations or from home across the globe.

Reporting and Monitoring

Our reporting solutions range from basic agent and queue performance statistics along with daily emailed reports all the way to advanced on-demand reports with real-time monitoring and visual queues. The affordable monthly fee structure of a hosted service allows small and mid-sized organizations to access advanced features and Call Center analytics reporting capabilities, without the high capital costs of an on-site solution.

Single System Access

ACD groups are defined on the Hosted-Platform and allows groups that span multiple sites and agents that work in multiple locations to be connected through a single phone number. You can define skill groups that include agents from any site, or include mobile users in specific ACD groups. Enterprises can define groups that best utilize their resources, instead of having to define groups around physical locations.


Skills Based Routing

John, Product Manager
Companies need to be prepared for the ever-changing business environment. Customers are looking for a single point of resolution. The one constant for Call Center Systems is service that improves customer relationship management. With skills based routing, companies can make sure that their customer are addressed by specific agent skillset or needs. As an example, bilingual queues can be set up and routed based on language. If a customer wants to have the appearance of a special order line for a key segment of customers, this can be configured to a specific group or person through automatic call distribution (ACD). We also provide outstanding performance management features, such as monitoring and reporting, to ensure customer resolution. BroadConnect realizes the service industry is changing and supplies the flexibility offered by skills based routing that allows a company to take their customer service to a new level. BroadConnect’s Hosted Call Center is on the same backbone as our Hosted PBX, providing the same security, reliability and quality.

Web Portal

Joe, Account Manager
BroadConnect understands the importance of web based features in today’s Call Centers. Administrators want to make changes quickly, efficiently and accurately. As an administrator, you can make changes easily. The browser is customizable and accessible from anywhere. An administrator can change and program specific features for one group while having different features for another. They can manage both on site or remote agents and can do the changes from anywhere. Installation and maintenance are easy because when a new version of the contact center software is introduced on the host server it simply rolls over to an updated browser for configuration. Finally, since your web based application is on a dedicated and private server, BroadConnect ensures they are securely monitored and maintained on our private network. The functionalities of an advanced and easy-to-use web-interface will enable companies to realize the benefit of business enhancing features while greatly reducing their on-going telecommunications expenses.

Call Recording Software

Steven, Technical Specialist
Companies need to ensure that they are able to manage and improve the quality and service of their agents. With the Call Recording feature from BroadConnect, managers can record calls for quality assurance and coaching purposes, in a Call Center environment. As well, Call Recording can be used as a standalone feature for industry specific applications, such as banking or investment verticals. Agents can record key conversations and have them easily retrieved, stored and managed. They can be played back, at any point, from archives. There is also no need for additional software or hardware that needs to be purchased. Most importantly, there is significant flexibility to the amount of calls or to the length of a call that can be recorded. Call Recording supports organizations with multiple locations with one single point of access. All recorded calls are securely stored in one web location and can be accessed through the web from any location. This feature works for small and large businesses alike with no restrictions in the number of seats.

Integrated Voice Response (IVR)

Greg, Account Manager
Integrated Voice Response (IVR) is one of the most common enhancements to a Call Center after the Automated Attendant application for better customer experience management. IVR is the voice response that prompts a caller to make a series of selections. By stating simple commands, customers can be routed through the Call Center appropriately and to their designation. With incorporated skills based routing, they can reach the right agent every time. IVR helps improve customer service by handling high volume calls during peak times and thereby lowering Call Center costs in the process. IVR can help prioritize urgent calls and connect your agent wherever they are. IVR is scalable and has real time reports. IVR is quick to deploy and changes can be made simply and easily, with no upfront or ongoing maintenance costs. By choosing the IVR solution as an enhancement from BroadConnect, expect the same reliability, quality and failover protection, as the other services residing on our private network.


Janice V.

BroadConnect a perfect 5/5
I highly rate BroadConnect’s cloud contact center a perfect 5/5, due to my company’s usage experience. My position is overseeing call center communications and after using many other large companies services, BroadConnect is the top of the bunch. In my experience the other companies weren’t able to deliver service models able to meet the specialized needs of a smaller company like mine. It seemed like we got “lost in the shuffle” with helpful and organized support lacking. We are very happy to have found BroadConnect, as the support experience has been extremely helpful and professional. On top of that, the prices are great and adaptable to the needs of my growing company. Best hosted cloud contact center solutions out there!

Peter M.

Dependable Support
My call center requires that our clients can contact us 24/7, which is why, after doing our homework, we chose BroadConnect for my call center services. Even though the cost is low, BroadConnect has unrivaled customer support and is the definition of the word “dependable”. Whether it’s their easy-use online portal which allows me to make changes ourselves, or not having to wait on hold when I call in, their personal touch is a life-saver. Because BroadConnect works all the time, I never have to worry about my phone system. This means I can concentrate on growing my company. In short, BroadConnect is amazing!

Nathon D.

Cost Effective Hosted Call Center
If you thought VoIP was only cost effective with a workforce of 100 persons or more, think again. BroadConnect is the saviour of the “little guy”. Their representative offered my business hosted VoIP phone system which boasts features normally only available to large businesses, at a price that our smaller business is able to afford. Added to that is the flexibility of being able to increase services as our company grows larger, and again without overrunning our budget. BroadConnect offered us a solution we didn’t think was possible at our current business size. I felt my business was treated with the care regularly reserved for much larger businesses. Well done, BroadConnect.


The cloud provides access to applications and solutions through Internet connections. The rich IP Telephone feature set allows companies to greatly improve customer care, create virtual call centers anywhere and manage and calls effectively and efficiently through a centralized phone number or set of phone numbers.   You get all the features and options of a full call center without the hassle and expense of an on-premise solution. Our call center runs on the BroadConnect Telecom Cloud Voice Infrastructure (CVI) network.



The call center is a better, more efficient way to conduct business. A call center effectively takes calls in a distributed manner to allow for the best possible solution. There are many benefits to choosing hosted call center solutions for your company’s communication needs.

  • Make changes to agent configurations to meet current needs
  • Excellent flexibility, the best voip service for business
  • Provide virtual communications for multiple locations and operations
  • Allows integrated voice and data models
  • Improved features and technologies
  • Better, more efficient operations
  • Cost savings over on-premise solutions
  • Scalability of services including trunking
  • Eliminate the need for local support specialists
  • Excellent reliability and access to 24/7 support


There are a number of features that you can take advantage of when using a hosted call center. Choose from a variety of customized options to meet your specific needs.

  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD): Intelligent call routing and queuing.
  • Auto Attendant: Answering and directing calls.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR):  Custom messaging.
  • Agent and Supervisor Clients: Intuitive interface for greater agent productivity and management oversight.
  • Enhanced (ACD): Enhanced queuing when Call Center is not staffed as well as wrap-up timer enhanced settings.
  • Music On Hold and Comfort Announcement: Callers are provided with a greeting, followed by music or advertisements and periodic comfort announcements in audio or video format.
  • Call Recording: Record all calls or selected calls.
  • Reporting and Monitoring: Supports any size environment, ranging from basic agent and queue performance statistics to advanced on-demand reports and real time monitoring of Call Center Agents and Queues.
  • Improves customer service: Ensures all incoming calls are serviced efficiently under any network condition at any time.
  • Flexible solution packaging: Virtual ACD: Cost effective offering. Virtual Call Center: Complete offering.
  • Call Centers anywhere in the world – 24 x 7 x 365
  • Follow-the-Sun customer care: Offers Call Center services from a single number using distributed locations.
  • Manages calls effectively: Chooses from a range of Call Distribution policies including skills-based call distribution.
  • Minimizes costs: Provides the option for agents to work remotely with access to all call features, offering a smart way to increase staff without renting office space.
  • Call Recording: Have a Centralized IP Based Recording System to Record and Monitor the calls in the Call Centre anywhere in the world.