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e Fax – Send and Receive Faxes by Email

We make Faxing Easy and Planet Friendly

E-Fax And IP Fax

Our new environmentally friendly VoIP faxing system doesn’t require paper or toner and it is as easy as writing an email. You can now send and receive faxes from virtually anywhere you have the Internet as part of your business VoIP services.

You don’t need an extra line for faxing with our paperless faxing system because faxes are received as attachments in your email. Our fax to email service is a reliable IP telephony solution with very attractive rates and features that allow you to reduce business costs while increasing productivity.

  • No paper or toner
  • Works anywhere you have the Internet
  • Print only what is required
  • Stores your sent and received faxes just like e-mail… no messy paper around anymore.


Fax to Email Services

Instead of using a fax machine you can send and receive faxes using your computer and your favourite email client. Most popular email software can be used, such as Microsoft Outlook. Integration of a desktop fax with these email clients is seamless and transparent to end users, with no additional software or hardware required.

To send a fax, our service converts your email attachments into fax documents and delivers them to the recipient’s fax machine. To receive a fax, the sender faxes the document to your personal fax number where it is converted into an email attachment and delivered to your email inbox.

Fax to Email Benefits

Reasons to use online fax capabilities

Less Expensive than traditional fax machines.
Security messages are only viewed by a recipient with no delivery at a public fax machine.
Reliability the service is always “on” and you receive confirmation and tracking information.
Availability Works anywhere, with any device that has an Internet connection and an email application. You can use a desktop, Laptop, cell phone or even PDA with SIP lines or hosted PBX services.
Flexibility Documents are stored electronically similar to any other file on your computer. Print hard copies whenever needed.

Applications for using online faxing:

  • Sending invoices and statements to customers electronically, helping to reduce delays and get paid faster with IP phone systems.
  • Improving claims processing efficiency by capturing and sending documents electronically, making it easier to serve customers and manage paperwork.
  • Managing and sending reports, contracts and other time-sensitive business documents via email,whether you are at the office, or on-the-go.
  • Receiving applications for loans, credit and other applications, enabling a quicker response to potential customers as part of your business telephone system.

Receiving an Online Fax (fax to email address)

When someone sends you a fax to your fax-to-email number, the fax gets converted to a PDF or TIFF image (fax to email) and is sent as an attachment to your email inbox. Like any other email attachment, simply double-click on it to view. The fax is now an electronic document you can read, print, or forward it like an email, and store it on your computer or delete it.

Sending an Online Fax (email to fax machine)

Simply use the same process as sending an email with an attachment. If you want to include a note or a cover page with your fax, simply type your message in the body of your email. This can even be the fax itself, without attaching an additional document.

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