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Canadian Call Analytics Service

Accurately measure which Ads are generating phone calls.

Monitor how calls are being answered – by both Sales & Customer Service.

Determining ROI

Phone Call tracking gives you the ability to gain a true picture of your ROI by measuring the telephone system calls delivered from specific advertising campaigns. Call Analytics from BroadConnect Canada can indicate which ads, campaigns and channels are bringing in calls, and which aren’t – so you can make changes on the fly to improve your ROI. This is another powerful tool from our IP voice feature set and working with both SIP service and Hosted VoIP solutions.


Want to Know the Value of Your Advertising?

Determine the ROI on every advertising program you manage.

Call Tracking Includes

Phone Numbers Activate toll-free and local call tracking Canada numbers instantly. We have local numbers for all major cities in Canada.

Reporting Access real time phone call tracking analytics online.

Dynamic Numbers Track phone leads from online marketing campaigns. Dynamically change the contact numbers depending on the online advertising source (PPC, Natural SEO or others).

Call Routing In addition to tracking phone calls, you can route your calls even to a VoIP Call Center

Call Tracking Is Perfect For

Lead Generation – Track the phone leads you provide each client.

A/B Testing – Determine the most effective ad variations.

Direct Response – Get phone numbers for TV, radio, or print ads.

PPC & SEO – Count phone calls, not just online conversions.

Local Marketing – Project a local image for your national business.

Agencies – Use our reseller portal for managing client accounts.

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