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Competitive Long Distance Rates

Enjoy Canada’s lowest flat rate charges, 24hrs a day, seven days a week from one of Canada’s best best business phone service providers. This low rate applies to all long distance calls in Canada and the United States. Our international calling rates are 50% cheaper than the local phone company rates, while providing you with the same quality and reliability.

This allows your company to keep in touch with customers, suppliers and employees through our reliable voice over Internet Protocol network. Another one of the many benefits of VoIP.

Control your costs!

  • Long Distance business telephone service without access code dialing.
  • A choice of Long Distance business phone plans to suit your needs.
  • Exceptional competitive rates.
  • Plans for landlines and cellular phones.
  • Superior network reliability and sound quality.
  • Activation in less than 24 business hours.


Toll-Free Calling

In business, communications are crucial and long distance costs are an important expense that cannot be neglected, even your toll-free numbers. With BroadConnect, you can keep your current toll-free number even though you’ve changed service providers. Convenient management tools allow you to control your toll-free network and customize it to your business needs with Call Routing, Call Redirection and more.


Easy to Understand Billing

Account Code billing allows you to track and control long distance calls and manage charge-back situations. With this easy to understand billing system, BroadConnect gives you the opportunity to gain accountability and control over your company’s calling patterns with our hosted VoIP systems.


Get the Long Distance rates that you deserve


BroadConnect guarantees you reliable service and advanced VoIP features.
We are on-call for you, to bring you the most immediate customer service possible.
Optimal solutions are developed after a personal consultation with one of our experts.