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The area code 519, also referred to as the Brantford area code, includes most of southwestern Ontario. It emerged from the parts of other area codes for the purpose of delineating the Brantford area from other areas using the same area code. As time went by, parts of the area code 519 as well as other parts of a different area code comprised the area code 705 due to the considerable growth of population in that area. The demand for new phone numbers has been growing steadily because it is one of the quickest growing Canadian city. New area codes are aimed at solving the looming phone number shortage that the Brantford area code is unable to supplement by itself.

The area code 519 was overlaid with the 226 area code in 2006 to increase the number of phone numbers available. The new area code to be used in Brantford will be the numbers that are given to new mobile users and phone owners. It was also during that period when the 10-digit dialing system was introduced. In the 10-digit system, people calling Brantford will be required to enter the Brantford area code as well as the Brantford local number for the call to be connected. This dialing mode confuses some callers since some Brantford local numbers use the new area code while others still use the old area code.

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Businesses that have long been established still use the old area code. However, new businesses are required to use the new area code. The problem businesses here is that if they currently own an old area code but have plans to add new phones, the new numbers will have the new area code. In the eyes of customers, Brantford local numbers that have different area codes would imply that the numbers are actually not associated with one another. Such a scenario would be disadvantageous to your business. Customers that call numbers with different area codes would assume that they are actually calling from separate businesses.

To avoid any confusion to your customers and to increase the visibility of your company further, you would require a communication system that has extensions sharing either the same main central number or area code. It is what BroadConnect Telecom is capable of doing for your organization. BroadConnect’s phone systems have features that can allow you to retain the same central number with a limitless selection of extensions. This feature provides your company with room for expansion and growth without shelling out expenses. The best thing about the extensions provided by the company is that they can even be connected to offices or locations for the area of the main number. This will give your business the ability to reach out further to new clients and customers outside Brantford.

Moreover, mobile phones and home phones can be included as extensions of the BroadConnect’s provided number. Flexibility and mobility in business have never been this good. Telephony products from BroadConnect Telecom provide your company with more visibility in the market that what your Brantford area code is ever capable of providing. With a virtual phone number, your business can now stand out from the competition.



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