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Most of northeastern and central Ontario are encompassed by the Barrie area code. Included in these areas are Sudbury, North Bay and many others. This is called the 705 area code. During the late 50’s the Barrie area code came into existence, when it was separated from parts of some of the other local area codes. That was done in order to meet the increased need for having additional numbers.

In the Barrie area, as the population continued to increase, the 705 area code got split further and another area code was formed. That was the same thing that was used in the past as a solution. The Barrie area code was being used and taken constantly and at a steady rate, which led to an area code overlay being created for the location. Area code 249 is Barrie’s overlaid area code. That was another solution for the number shortage problem that was used. It was proposed that way instead of splitting the area further once again into smaller parts using different area codes. This area code overlay is going to be used after the original area code has been exhausted. That means new local numbers in Barrie will use the area code overlay instead of the original one.

The 705 area code is a critical component of telecommunication in Barrie. So whether you are making a call from outside or inside of Barrie, you must first key the Barrie area code in before the local Barrie number. That is the way that this 10-digital dialing system works. The caller will first need to put in the area code and then the local number to place their call. Being unable to do that will result in calls not being connected, and that can be frustrating for both businesses and customers. Customers that are unable to correctly locate the company they are wanting to call will simply look for another business that offers the same services. It can be bad news when a business does not receive some calls. Business development will be hampered due to the fact that some incoming calls are rejected.

Get a Business Phone Line With a 705 Area Code

Businesses can avoid these types of bad situations with help from a business phone system. It is important to have a communication system that helps customers easily find your organization and make it possible for your company to receive all of your incoming calls at any time of the day or night. That is where your company can really be helped by BroadConnect Telecom’s telephony products.

BroadConnect products have a feature called click-to-call-me. That feature provides your callers with additional access to your company and you compared to using a traditional local Barrie number. It allows your callers to be able to dial into your business number by just clicking on your web link. Customers are now able to reach your business even when they don’t have their phone with them. They just need to have an Internet connection. That is a very valuable feature since these days almost everyone is connected to the Internet in some way. With an increasing number of people going virtual on a daily basis, your company will be accessible to the rest of the world online in addition to your local area. That helps your customers find your company more easily. All they need to do is go onto the Internet and look up your company’s name and they will be able to find it. Being able to stay in touch with your company is as easy as simply clicking a button.



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