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Easy-to-Use Audio Conferencing Services

Our conferencing systems are packed full of features providing a fully-integrated user experience.

BroadConnect Audio Conferencing

Phone conferencing is used by everyone from individual consultants to small businesses to Fortune-class companies. Whether you are a home based business with a single office or a multi-national company with locations worldwide, BroadConnect Canada offers a wide range of VoIP business phone services including audio conferencing.

Single Platform

One platform for all communications services eliminates the need for 3rd Party VoIP cloud conferencing solutions.

On-Demand Instant Conferencing

Compared to the other telephone companies in Canada, we offer you a higher quality of service at better prices.

Simplified Controls

A unified, browser-based interface for scheduling conferences and controlling and recording calls in process.

Large Scale Conferencing

Users can have their own Meet-Me conference bridge for on-demand meetings, or schedule conferences and notify participants.


We Provide Both Instant & Scheduled Conferencing

BroadConnect supports Instant Conferencing to meet the needs of a few participants, and Scheduled Conferencing to support large formal conferences with hundreds of participants. You can count on BroadConnect and our knowledgeable staff for on-demand audio conferencing assistance so that you can conduct a call with hundreds of participants. Conferencing services can be enabled from a user’s phone, desktop toolbar, or a web portal, and leaders can manage active calls using a web-based meeting portal. Audio conferencing can be quicker to establish than Video Conferencing, especially for emergencies and can be provided by quality SIP Trunking service providers, like BroadConnect.

Instant Group Call

The Instant Group Call feature allows a user to alert and bridge together a predefined list of users by dialing a single number or extension.

Ideal Solutions

We offer the ideal solution for day-to-day communications by delivering automated, easy-to-use, reliable and cost-effective audio conferencing for a voice over IP phone system.

Managing Conference Calls

Leaders can manage active conference calls and participants, record and archive conferences, and schedule one-time or recurring conferences via the web portal.

BroadConnect Reliability

BroadConnect combines 99.99% published uptime with our industry-leading, 24/7 customer support to ensure that your remote meetings always run smoothly.

Providing A User Rich Audio Conference Experience

  • Customize each audio conference room per your requirements, e.g., select entry tones, select memorable vanity PINs, turn recording on/off, select auto-call back on/off, select enter audio conference muted on/off etc.
  • Schedule recurring audio conferences via the Web Portal and use the Microsoft Outlook to send invitations to desired participants.
  • Provide instant access conferencing in real time as required, like solving issues at an inbound Call Center.
  • See real time views of your running audio conference via the Web Portal where participants are identified by name or caller ID.
  • Display the loudest speaker. This allows for the identification and muting of a participant who may be inadvertently injecting noise into the audio conference.
  • Exercise multiple in-conference controls via phone key presses or through the Web portal.
  • Forward usage data and associated CDRs to an external billing system via TCP/IP based interface.
Web Administration
  • View Live Conference activity
  • Administer Conference Room and set duration via Web Interface
  • Create unlimited Conference rooms
  • Enable/Disable Conference room
  • Lock/Unlock Conference room
  • Record Conference
  • Set Conference room Language auto attendant
  • Set Conference room to have a specific start time or be 24/7 Conference (always available)
  • Set Name announcement on entry /exit
  • Start / End Conference when Organizer Enters / Leaves Conference Room
  • Define Conference participants (name, email, telephone #, etc) with Outlook Plug-in
  • Dial out to participants and invite them to join the conference
  • Send email invitation to conference participants
  • Mute conference caller
  • Disconnect conference caller
  • Download recorded conference via web interface
  • Receive recorded conference file when the conference is completed

Unique Conferencing Features

The emergency conference feature is particularly useful for schools, hospitals, hotels and other organizations that have emergency procedures that require an immediate conference call.

On Demand Conference

On Demand is a reservation-less audio conferencing service that enables you to quickly and easily communicate hundred’s of participants. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Dial your toll-free number or Local Number
  • Enter your unique conference ID and PIN
  • Instantly begin a conference call without a reservation or operator assistance
  • Conference Organizer Receive Conference summary via email
  • Simultaneous Multiple Language operation
    • English
    • French
  • Install Additional language packs as required
  • Music-On-Hold (Customizable)
  • Separate/Personalized attendant greeting for each Conference room
  • Microsoft Outlook (One Click Conference Invite) Plug-In

Dial-out Directly To Participants

This exciting feature allows you to create a conference call with all your participants using their direct numbers (Mobile or Office DID). At the time of the conference, the system dials out to all the participants asking them to join with the help of auto attendant scripts.

Benefits of this new feature:

  • Have higher percentage of participants on the call.
  • Save money, as the participants do not have to dial a toll free number to join the conference call.
  • Participants can use their cell phone for the conference call without worrying about using their daytime minutes as most carriers offer Unlimited Incoming Calls.

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