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IP Telephony Solutions

Compete with comprehensive Business IP Phone Services

  • Enhance your communication abilities, now and in the future, with our flexible and cost-effective VoIP phone services.
  • Increase your productivity with unified communication solutions.
  • Gain advanced communication tools from the get go such as; Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, After Hours Call Forwarding and many more.

Moving to IP Telephony Systems Will Optimize Your Costs and Communication Capabilities

Experience exceptional call quality, maximum system scalability and an array of advanced phone features, over our highly reliable, global IP network. We manage and maintain your telephony service, keeping you up to date with the latest technology upgrades. With BroadConnect’s services, you can be sure that you’ll always have the most up-to-date Business VoIP communication solution.


Your company can expect to save 40% to 50% by switching to BroadConnect’s customizable Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking solutions. Enjoy the benefits of VoIP collaboration tools, cross-platform mobility and more with our advanced features, including Call Center and Unified Communication applications.


Let us streamline your communications. We have the experience to combine your voice and data onto one Network and fulfill communication requirements through Voice over IP services. A unified communications solution becomes more possible with simplified IT requirements.


Our expert engineers are certified leaders in Voice over IP phone services and Communications. They ensure your highly secure communications. Our private network, as well as our ongoing management, protects your communication services. With complete SBC’s and a disaster recovery continuity program, your peace of mind is assured.


BroadConnect’s IP Telephony services are flexible and scalable, voip phone systems that grow with your business. Our cost-effective solutions can be implemented quickly.


Our robust continuity program together with our private network ensures an uptime performance of 99.999% in order to deliver the best VoIP system to our customers. This is what you can expect from top-shelf business phone service providers like BroadConnect Telecom.

Hosted PBX service is the perfect solution to expensive legacy PBX systems

  • NO capital investment
  • NO hardware costs
  • NO required technical specialists
  • Over 200 Enterprise-grade phone features
Hosted PBX
  • Make your seamless transition today to a new world of productivity: efficient, economical, and collaborative with a customized cloud VoIPtelephone system from BroadConnect with a TL9000 level of Quality Management Service.
  • Whether you are a single location office or a multi-location corporation, our outstanding team of engineers will ensure that our online phone systems keep organizations connected the way they work best: with office phones, softphones, desktops, mobile apps, either locally or remotely, anytime and anywhere.

Simplify IT management by consolidating your Voice and Data Networks

  • SIP Trunks can reduce your operation costs by up to 50%
  • SIP is an effective solution for companies that have a legacy PBX system and want to reduce PRI & long distance costs
SIP Trunking
  • BroadConnect is a leading SIP Trunk Provider with our own private IP network.
  • Transition to the latest technology in unified communications — all with the control you need to maximize your productivity and reduce long distance costs.
  • A properly engineered SIP Trunk solution is crucial, both to avoid the risk of system inconsistencies and to ensure future scalability. Our expert team of account managers and engineers will work to ensure your system is optimized for absolute performance, reliability and stability.

Our service allows you to operate an effective call center anywhere in the world

  • Feature-rich call management
  • Self-service applications
  • Guided prompts to ensure appropriate call routing and service delivery
  • Upgrade to a full IVR
Call Center
  • Your Virtual Call Center is secure, reliable, scalable, economical, and flexible solution for your help desk and customer service operations to establish unprecedented levels of responsiveness for your organization. With features such as Web-Based agent and supervisor desktop clients, your call center productivity is assured.
  • Whether your customers prefer to communicate via phone, email, chat or with our web callback feature, BroadConnect’s Virtual Call Center solution delivers.

Gain Unified Communications (UC) from a single interface with Skype for Business

  • Brings together voice, mobile, email, text, instant messaging, chat, video, audio and web conferencing
  • Skype for Business integrates with Office 365
  • BroadConnect integrates Skype for Business with our VoIP expertise and gives your employees access to secure, reliable, advanced communications and collaboration tools in the office, working remotely, or on the road.
  • Users can schedule meetings though Microsoft Outlook, or launch calls and collaboration tools from an Office application like Word or PowerPoint.
  • The integration of Skype for Business with Office 365 provides users with a natural bridge to familiar applications in everyday use.

Considering IP Telephony Providers for Your Company?

As one of the leading VoIP service providers in Canada we offer both Hosted VoIP or SIP enabled IP-PBX Solutions with advanced phone system features. Your features are highly customizable to meet all your current and future communication needs. We offer customized business Internet service plans with advanced configuration to properly support VoIP Voice Packets for maximum call quality.

Advanced VoIP Features From BroadConnect

These features allow every part of your business to be in touch with each other, customers, suppliers and vendors. Included with this group are Video and Audio Conferencing, Web Collaboration, Call Recording, Advanced Call Reporting and Call Centres. Let the expert VoIP cloud providers at BroadConnect evaluate and prepare a custom solution with advanced features that will help your organization communicate better on all levels. Our platform is being updated with the latest VoIP solution features as they become available.

Key BroadConnect VoIP Provider Services



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