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Jabra GN2120

Featuring an exclusive, award-winning lightweight design, users have the option of three wearing styles and microphone customizations.

This unique freedom of customization options means that users can change styles and microphone capabilities as often as needed to suit the environment around them with this VoIP headset.

Plantronics SupraPlus

The SuprsPlus not only boasts a sleek, comfortable and light weight design, but it also features a bendable click-stop microphone boom. To further add to it’s potential, users are free to choose between both Monaural and Binaural styles for optimum removal of background distractions if needed.

Jabra GN9300e

Flexibility and functionality are prevalent in the Jabra GN9300e. The dual-connection wiFi-capable wireless headset delivers unparalleled performance in almost any environment; meaning that as communications systems grow or become outdates, new infrastructure can be added without the need to replace the headset.
The Jabra GN90300e utilizes revolutionary digital signal processing technology to ensure safe, consistent, and superior sound clarity.

Plantronics CS70N

Further extending the already legendary benefits of the Plantronic CS lineup, the CS70N delivers a sleek and stylish solution to executive and c-level professionals seeking a comfortable and wireless over-ear headset capable of facilitating secure digital communications within a 300 foot radius of their desk phones.
Executives can expect crystal clear voice and audio transmission, free of all background disturbances.

Plantronics CS540

Exceeding the already impressive features of the existing CS family of products, the CS540 from Plantronic couples advanced functionalities with extreme mobility. As one of the lightest DECT headsets ever created, the device boasts an attractively streamlined design and the potential for unsurpassed reliability; making it the most advanced hands-free device seen in decades.

Jabra Dial 520

A fan favourite, the Jabra Dial 520 is the perfect solution for businesses migrating towards a unified communications platform as it was engineered to facilitate a smooth transition and ease the learning curve.
The Jabra Dial 520 offers true Plug and Play functionality by utilizing a conventional USB connection enabling employees to effortlessly plug the lightweight handset into any PC.


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