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SD-WAN – Transform Your WAN

Add greater scale, visibility, agility, reliability and control to your WAN — and reduce your networking costs. SD-WAN technology is transforming the wide area network, giving you the opportunity to simplify branch networks, deliver branch agility, optimize application performance over the network, and take full advantage of the cloud.

BroadConnect SD-WAN

Hi-performance coast to coast solution

BroadConnect’s SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) solution gives your network the ability to meet demands for greater mobility, digital transformation, increasing dependence on real-time cloud services, and improved branch performance.

It provides the performance and agility to handle any type of traffic, prioritize critical applications like voice and overcome the limitations of traditional WAN technologies.

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SD-WAN – Technology That Means Business

SD-WAN is an advanced technology. Powerful software implements policies that automate network configuration and routing to ensure the best path for different types of traffic. Every application has the right bandwidth and Quality of Service for optimum performance, and that drives great business benefits.

Simpler Branch Networks

Traditional WAN technologies such as leased MPLS circuits or dedicated VPNs for branch communications are expensive, inflexible and difficult to manage. With SD-WAN, automated deployment, scaling on demand, centralized control, secure access to the cloud and simplified configuration make branch provisioning faster and easier.

Right Application Performance

SD-WAN’s intelligent path control automatically selects the fastest route for different types of traffic and prioritizes mission-critical data or applications such as voice. It can adjust routing dynamically to take account of traffic levels or network congestion. The result – fast, reliable access to applications and services and a better experience for your users.

Greater Branch Agility

With SD-WAN, you can give branches the services they need, regardless of local network infrastructure. Deliver consistent services and applications from the data center or the cloud, and link branches easily to support real-time reporting and improved collaboration. That means great customer service and improved efficiency throughout your branch network.

Costs Under Control

SD-WANs protect investment in your existing network infrastructure and reduce costs. They are vendor-neutral, so they can work with any network protocol, including MPLS and VPN, as well as existing Internet services. There’s no need to over-provision your network or deploy local branch infrastructure, and centralized management reduces administration and support costs.

SD-WAN for Every Networked Business

Every size of business that depends on the WAN can benefit from BroadConnect’s SD-WAN solution. It brings the scale, reliability, application performance and flexibility that growing businesses, enterprises and service providers need to maintain competitive advantage.

Enterprise Solutions

SD-WAN gives you the network performance to ensure your branches can take full advantage of cloud applications, central services, and mobility. It gives them direct access to all those benefits without the need for increased bandwidth, local infrastructure or expensive private networks.

Your IT team will find it easier to manage traffic across the distributed enterprise, with complete visibility throughout the network, automated one-touch provisioning, faster service delivery and consistent application performance, regardless of network conditions.

Service Provider Solutions

Adding SD-WAN to your network portfolio gives you the opportunity to meet changing customer demands, increase revenue, reduce costs and accelerate delivery of new advanced cloud services.

SD-WAN integrates with your existing networks to simplify management, increase visibility and provide the flexibility to scale bandwidth in line with demand. Connectivity with the cloud via an SD-WAN overlay on Internet services makes it easy and economical to deliver rich services. Automated provisioning and virtualized network functions improve productivity, costs and profitability.

Canada’s Top SD-WAN Solutions Provider

BroadConnect delivers high-performance SD-WAN solutions across Canada. BroadConnect is Canada’s leading alternative telecom solutions provider with thousands of customers in every sector.

Greater Performance & Reliability

SD-WAN provides the bandwidth and dynamic traffic routing to ensure every type of traffic takes the quickest available route, regardless of network conditions. Software translates complex rules and policies into network actions, with no need for intervention, to ensure enterprise-grade performance and reliability.

Simpler Cloud Access

Increasing dependence on cloud applications and services means traditional WAN solutions are no longer sufficient for the real-time demands of cloud computing. SD-WAN is a cloud-ready network that provides all locations with secure, direct access to public or private clouds.

Virtualized Network Resources

SD-WAN’s intelligent software creates a network overlay that decouples control and routing functions from the underlying hardware. SD-WANs are also vendor-neutral so they work with any existing network protocol. Virtualized cloud-based network resources scale easily and reduce infrastructure complexity.

Automated Orchestration & Deployment

SD-WAN’s centralized orchestrator automates complex network functions to support dynamic configuration, simpler visibility and monitoring of all network activity, and real-time reporting. It also enables fast, one-touch deployment of new branch sites and services, improving productivity and reducing costs.

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