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Hamilton High-Speed Business Internet

BroadConnect’s High-Speed Internet Services are the Right Choice

Hamilton is the center of Ontario’s most prominent industry, manufacturing. Hamilton is home to a major steel industry and is known as the steel capital of Canada. Its economy is diversifying now to include a broader range of industries from healthcare to construction. Hamilton’s economy is changing quickly and businesses need to move faster to keep up and get a head of the curve. Businesses also can’t afford to waste money on an inefficient and expensive phone system.

This is where Broadconnect Canada’s VoIP PBX phone systems can save your business money and make it more efficient. Our rates are vastly reduced from more conventional analogue phone systems. Pick from a wide variety of basic and advanced features from voicemail to Automated Attendants. Our flexible plans allow your plan to grow and evolve as your business does; adding or dropping features is as easy as the click of a button. Why spend more on an ineffective phone system? Contact Broadconnect Canada today.

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Is Your Business Fed Up?

Are you tired of upload speeds targeted at residential users? Download speeds that slow your office productivity to a crawl? How about paying “business pricing” to the major ISPs for low speed residential service?

BroadConnect works to change all of this by providing business class internet with pricing that is targeted to directly work within your companies’ budget. Unlike the service other Hamilton Internet companies, you won’t get watered down residential service from BroadConnect; we serve businesses and only businesses with high-speed Broadband and Fiber internet packages geared directly toward the needs of your company.

Unlike other providers, with Broadconnect you will never share your connection. You will not experience slowdowns during peak business hours, your upload and download speed will remain constant and in sync throughout your workday. Weather sharing data between locations, uploading payroll, using hosted services, email or performing other critical online business communications you can depend on your connection as a Broadconnect customer to remain at peak operating capacity.

Hamilton is home to numerous highly skilled BroadConnect Technicians, who are well equipped to handle any nature of service or maintenance situation. We are dedicated to providing your Hamilton area business with the highest grade of service for any and all technical related inquiries.

You will find no better service team than our technicians, and no better Internet service in Hamilton than at BroadConnect.

We stand behind our service 100% and our highly trained technicians are available 24/7 to deal with any issues you may have with your network. Call us today or browse our ADSL broadband packages to find out what right for you. We guarantee that you’ll find a service plan that is a perfect fit for your company’s needs.

Types of  Business Internet Services Offered in Hamilton, ON

Being one of the largest ADSL & VDSL providers across North America, Broadconnect is committed to providing faster speed and adding redundancy well remaining more cost effective then a Dedicated T1 connection.

BroadConnect dedicated T1 guarantees 1.5 Mbps of dedicated symmetrical bandwidth upstream and downstream with an Uptime of 99.999%. Our T1 solution is fast and secure offering your company a dedicated business-class circuit.

If like most businesses, you can’t afford to have downtime for even a moment, BroadConnect’s 4G LTE Wireless Back Up is just what your company is looking for. Our 4G option offers route diversity, something that many other providers can’t offer. Without this option, your business can experience major downtime.

With BroadConnects fiber service your business will truly receive the best. We offer a range of Fiber speeds – 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps & GigE (10Gbps) in both dedicated and burstable options.

Scalable And Flexible Services

With BroadConnect, you don’t have to worry about the accelerated growth of your business, as we are able to keep pace with your organization. Our services are tailored to grow with your company, so that you can always benefit from high-speed custom internet solutions to rely on at any given time.

Security and Privacy

At BroadConnect Canada, we make it our mission to provide you with top-notch internet security protocols. You’ll benefit from full privacy and data security, without having to compromise on the upload or download speeds. Our services are designed to support seamless downloading and uploading of files.

Balanced Download And Upload Speeds

When you use the internet for business, you expect your upload speeds to match the download ones. We understand the importance of being able to put documents online just as quickly as you download them to your local device. This is why we guarantee excellent upload speeds to all our clients.

Coast to Coast Service in Canada

BroadConnect Canada covers the entire country, with its huge coastline. We cover each and every province of Canada, so you can rely on us to cater to all your internet needs. BroadConnect is the leading ISP in Canada, offering reliable and customized voice and data transfer services to businesses throughout the entire country.

The BroadConnect Advantage

We are Ontario’s leading alternative Internet and telecommunications service provider. BroadConnect Canada provides reliable and customized Voice and Data solutions to businesses in Hamilton and nearby cities.

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