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4G/LTE: Wireless Back-Up

Since most modern businesses rely heavily on the web to connect them with customers and suppliers, the loss of Internet connectivity can spell disaster for any business. Many businesses report lack of true route diversity as a major cause of lost Internet connectivity; making real route diversity a valuable component in the ongoing development of 4G/LTE wireless capabilities.


System Advantages

  • Speed
  • Installation
  • Wireless
  • Simplicity
  • Coverage
  • Data and Voice Coverage
  • Lower Data Transfer Time

You Have Back-Up But Does Your Back-Up System Have Route Diversity?

A multitude of readily available Internet connections can be acquired through a seemingly infinite number of service providers, but few of these providers maintain the technology capable of achieving true route diversity. Without effective route diversity, many businesses find that they suffer the perils of failures occurring in the provider`s network.

As a method of mitigating this risk, it is vital to attain route diversity via the coupling of separate providers, each using different routes.

Having true route diversity from a different carrier, one that uses a different route is essential for complete backup protection. Doing this through landlines is the traditional method. Additional equipment and other expenses that quickly add up are usually required.

Wireless connections with slow speeds and high latency make this an inefficient solution. Luckily, thanks to the arrival of 4G/LTE businesses can now achieve true route diversity while keeping costs and equipment needs low.

Online Back-Up Methods

Thanks to an increased awareness of the importance of backup Internet connections an actionable plan was created to ensure access to Internet connectivity in the event that main corporate access was rendered unavailable.

Essentially a business is faced with two choices; enlist the services of a second provider using the same route or follow the traditional approach to Route Diversity.

Going with a second provider would be the least costly of the two but less effective. If connections are lost from both ends, problematic results occur. Route diversity is best achieved by building dual-entrances but it is a greater expense; one that often delivers the best ROI.

Route Alternatives using Wireless Carrier

Fixed Wireless

Direct wireless connection from business to tower provides good quality service. Requires uninterrupted line of site availability and issues with weather.


Conservative connection when getting service through satellite. Has low bandwidth and vulnerable due to weather.

Traditional Mobile Broadband

Lower costs but has high data transfer with low bandwidth.

With these options being more affordable solutions for businesses, the creation of high-quality, seamless backup system for Internet connections fall short. 4G/LTE may be the solution.

The 4G/LTE is the ideal solution for a reliable backup system with true route diversity.

One of the most critical issues that are addressed is the dependence of being able to access services, applications and functionality through the Internet. With technology evolving so will the dependence.


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