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BroadConnect CVI
Dashboard Features

Typical Customer Requirements

The BroadConnect service dashboards address three key functional roles within a customer organisation. When moving services to the cloud, customers will typically ask how they can manage the service themselves. In this section, we cover the different tiers of administration available to different types of roles within the customer.

Service Administration

The BroadConnect service dashboards are web-based portals designed to provide users all the control they need to effectively manage their telephony service. The dashboards are structured to fit the needs of the end-users and Site Administrators. There are multiple levels of security built in, which is another reason that makes BroadConnect one of the best VoIP providers for business.

The Dashboards

  • Are only accessible by authorized personnel and secure from other customers and non-authorized users.
  • Provide information and functionality appropriate to the user’s role within the organisation
  • Have been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind
  • Provide extensive functionality while minimising the risk of inadvertently disrupting existing business VoIP phone service or functionality

The BroadConnect service dashboards address main functional roles within an organisation and can be broken down into the following three areas:

My Account

Designed to provide all the higher-level account administration, visibility, and functionality necessary to effectively leverage your PBX trunk service, such as;

  • Enterprise-wide site location management (move order self-service)
  • Download enterprise-wide reports
  • Manage contact and login information
  • View listing and status of all orders associated with account
  • Manage Site Administration access for all locations (creation of subordinate admins)

My Site

Provides the administrator for each site or call center the ability to configure, view, and manage the service for a specific location, such as;

  • Set up, view, and manage phone and user assignments
  • Create and manage Hunt groups, Auto Attendants, Call Queues, and other site level services in real time
  • Establish standard office hours schedule for the site to help define call routeing rules
  • Visibility of call usage and call history across the site
  • Establish and manage user features ranging from Call Waiting to Shared Call Appearance
  • Voice portal extension and login administration
  • Manage existing or add new end point devices

My Account

Available to each user who has been assigned a station package and allows them to self-manage the commonly used features and service parameters without having to ask a site admin, or virtual phone “expert” for help.

  • Manage unified messaging preferences
  • Create unique call handling rules for special phone numbers, or to accommodate different times of day or days of week
  • Manage preferences for traditional features like call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, etc.
  • Set Simultaneous Ring preferences for exceptional availability
  • Manage access and download user clients
  • View call history

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