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BroadConnect CVI
Feature Descriptions

Supported Endpoints

BroadConnect supports the following VoIP technology devices listed below. For more office telephone system devices please see the IP Hardware section of our website.


  • All ported phones must undergo a flash process before they will work with the BroadCloud virtual phone service
  • The MAC address of all ported phones must be entered in the Site Admin Dashboard Device Management tab before the phones will become available for assignment to users
  • Analog telephone sets are not listed below by brand or model number. The ATA or Analog Telephony Gateways components are certified as part of the BroadCloud solution, not the analog telephones or other devices which an SP may connect to them
  • Expansion Modules, or sidecars, are available for the Polycom VVX series, Polycom SoundPoint IP 650/670 and Cisco SPA 50X series desktop phones that are all SIP protocol compliant

Configuration rules specific to Snom product lines:

  • Each station registration (snom identity) assigned to a phone will consume three line keys/buttons
  • Any share of a snom primary line on a secondary device will receive the same number of line keys as the primary line registration
  • The snom 300 is the exception as it is limited to two line appearances total
  • Monitoring (BLF) is available on all snom phones (except the Snom 300) and is hard coded for the last six line keys/buttons

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