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BroadConnect CVI
Cloud Voice Infrastructure

Enjoy uninterrupted cloud connectivity with BroadConnect’s top tier data centers.

BroadConnect Platform Details

BroadConnect Canada offers a cloud-based, hosted infrastructure solution providing a fully managed, end-to-end service that enables customers to take advantage of Business VoIP solutions with a full suite of Unified Communications features and capabilities.

BroadConnect Solution Architecture

BroadCloud is supported by equipment deployed in geographically redundant configurations across two physical Data Centers. The design of the network ensures that if there is a loss of connectivity to one Data Centre location, the other location will automatically handle the traffic generated by the subscriber base. The Data Centres are fully redundant with regard to infrastructure and network connectivity.

The BroadCloud platform is at the centre of the network and provides the sophisticated hosted VoIP phone system and UC services.

Session Border Controllers (SBC’s) are deployed in each data center in high availability mode, meaning there is full redundancy built into each deployed SBC cluster. On the Access side of the network, SBC’s are used to provide security for the BroadCloud platform and SIP connectivity to IP endpoints including NAT traversal and VPN connectivity. SBC’s are also used on the Network side for interconnection to partner carrier networks via SIP trunks. Acme Packet Net-Net 4500 SBCs are currently deployed on both the Access and Network side.

The routing and switching infrastructure consists of IP routers and switches manufactured by Juniper Networks. There are multiple connections within each data switch to servers, SBCs, and other networking equipment to ensure that no single physical port failure will result in complete loss of connectivity to the network.

The supported IP endpoints rely on the resolution of DNS SRV records to signal to the SBCs. The DNS SRV records control the preferred order and signaling ports for the IP to signal towards. If connectivity to the primary SBC fails, the phones are configured to failover to the secondary address.

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