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Our Unified Connector Seamlessly Integrates to Salesforce

BroadConnect provides an unparalleled way to communicate with customers and business partners.

Integration With Salesforce.com

The new joint solution enables BroadConnect customers to integrate BroadConnect’s Hosted PBX platform directly into the Salesforce.com CRM application, allowing users to access advanced voice features including click-to-dial, recorded-call logging and others. The Unified Connector now supports both the Internet Explorer and Firefox Web browser and runs on Windows XP and Vista. Our integrated phone system solution with Salesforce offers you many different options. Contact us for specific integration details with a Hosted Contact Center.

Features & Benefits

  • No PBX, no CRM server required – everything is hosted and managed in the business VoIP PBX network.
  • Screen pop on inbound and outbound calls based on calling line ID.
  • Information tracking direct from the application – all information auto-logged with the contact file.
  • Integrated call control gives users the ability to control office telephones from the web.
  • Click-to-dial on any contact or number in Salesforce.

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