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The retail industry is heavy with competition, exceedingly dependent upon shifting consumer trends and subject to constant employee and inventory turnovers. Retailers need to take advantage of every edge available to them and BroadConnect Canada is the VoIP provider businesses love because our hosted VoIP solutions enable them to stay ahead of the competition. Discover how we can help you reach your strategic goals.

Our Retail solutions combat everyday business challenges with end-to-end technology solutions proven to improve every level of the retail environment. Through the use of innovative and adaptive technologies, our business phones systems dramatically improve efficiency and reduce operational expenses while delivering a better customer experience.

Those in the retail industry are no strangers to competition. In order to stand apart from the crowd, a well-calculated strategy is needed. However, winning market share requires an understanding of both your strengths and weaknesses in the areas of product selection, convenience, shopping experience and price.


BroadConnect Can Provide The Information Needed To Keep You On A Profitable Track

Understanding the factors influencing your customers’ purchasing decisions will let you thrive in this environment. At the same time, it is necessary to remain focused on reducing the cost of your products and services. You need the ability to change course to maintain pace with evolving customer demands and drive unnecessary costs out of your supply chain. A hosted Contact Center can be very helpful.

Accurate inventory forecasting can make the difference between earning a profit and shifting consumer demands that can hinder your ability to accurately stock the right mix of items. We give you access to the information you require, when you require it, to enable you to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage as part of our Retail Industry Solutions.

  • Improving System Integration
  • Enhancing the Planning Processes
  • Streamlining Procurement
  • Improving Inventory Management
  • Tracking Customer Purchase Patterns
  • Supporting Loyalty Programs

We can provision you with a secure communications foundation, either cloud-based or through SIP Trunks, that is capable of supporting a full range of training applications and employee performance monitoring systems. Better customer experience management will improve the shopping experience for your customers and greatly increase your sales.

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