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VoIP for Retail Industry

Advanced communications to help agencies offer clients a better service and close more deals.

Make Communications Work Harder

Profitable store and online retail businesses rely on effective communication and collaboration to deliver quality customer service, maintain supply chain agility, improve operational efficiency and control costs.

BroadConnect’s business phone systems are packed with advanced features to handle high-volume calls efficiently, improve collaboration throughout the supply chain and ensure that your customers receive a fast, personalized response when they call.

We understand the challenges facing Canadian retailers, so we can tailor business phone, contact center and high-speed business Internet solutions for every size of business. Our cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP), Unified Communications (UC) and contact center services can reduce your communication costs by 30 percent or more. And, they scale easily in line with seasonal demand and business growth.

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Enhance Customer Experience

BroadConnect’s cloud-based contact centers give your team the communication tools to handle inquiries, returns and refunds, customer complaints and service issues efficiently and cost-effectively. Our VoIP and UC solutions support multi-channel communications, so customers can contact you by their preferred method, which could include voice, email, Instant message, text, chat, web conference or social media.

Our systems integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) system to support a high level of personalization. Your customer service staff can easily access customers’ purchasing history, product preferences, responses to promotional offers or marketing campaigns, and get up-to-date status on delivery or any problems.

Cloud-based systems also scale on demand so you can easily cope with higher volume calls during peak periods like Christmas or Black Friday.

Improve Supply Chain Communications

You must be able to respond to changes in demand quickly or lose business opportunities. You must also ensure adequate stocks without high stockholding costs or the risk of waste of perishable products.

If you operate multiple sites, our solutions make it easy to maintain contact with a single integrated system to simplify daily sales and business reporting, branch meetings or internal communications.

Our solutions help you maintain effective, responsive communications throughout the supply and logistics chain. Our cloud-based solutions enable your Supply chain partners to share a secure common platform so that all members can communicate and share information easily. That ensures a quick response to changes in demand when you need additional stock following a successful marketing campaign, for example.

Reduce Communication Costs

BroadConnect’s communication solutions are hosted in the cloud so you don’t have to buy, maintain or manage any equipment on your premises. That reduces both CAPEX and OPEX. With free calls between sites and low-cost long-distance charges, annual savings can easily top 30 percent.

Run a More Efficient Retail Business

Maintain contact in-store

Our VoIP and UC services are available on mobile devices to keep supervisors, department or product managers, stockroom and floor staff in contact.

Scale for seasonal demand

If your business sells seasonal products such as fresh produce or vacation products, you only need capacity when it matters. Our cloud-based solutions let you scale on demand without investing in surplus capacity. When the lines get busy, customers won’t have to experience frustrating delays.

Monitor marketing performance

Powerful analytics provide you with real-time data on the performance of your sales and marketing initiatives so you can fine-tune campaigns to improve results.

Offer local service

If you operate multiple branches but handle calls through a central contact center, you can offer clients the equivalent of a local service with virtual numbers. Clients dial a local number but calls are forwarded to the contact center.

Increase customer contact

Regular contact can help build customer loyalty. Your sales team can use our broadcast text messaging service, for example, to let your customers know about new products, store openings or special promotional offers.

Improve branch communications

Our cloud communications travel on secure private Internet circuits that support voice, data and video. Branches can transmit daily sales reports to head office, review promotional campaigns, hold regular and ad-hoc meetings and collaborate on marketing initiatives.

Simplify Operations

Centralize communications

Eliminate multiple systems for each location with a single hosted cloud solution.

Get a 360⁰ picture

Integrating communications with analytics and CRM programs gives you a comprehensive single view of the store and online operations to improve management and control.

Trust reliable communications

Your communications travel on BroadConnect’s carrier-class nationwide network for reliable, secure crystal-clear calls.

Free the IT team

Our telecoms specialists take care of the day-to-day management, monitoring, maintenance and upgrading of your system so your IT team can focus on more strategic dealership development tasks.


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