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The competitiveness of the real estate market means that effective and scalable communications are paramount. In order to thrive real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and contract attorneys must be readily available and maintain easy access to communications with strong business phone systems. With BroadConnect services, real estate professionals and staff are given the tools necessary to facilitate deal closures and drive new revenue opportunities.

As a cloud VoIP provider, we can deliver results by offering professionals and staff a suite of innovative and enhanced voice services that support activities in the office and the field. More importantly, our services can work to better coordination interactions between the office and field for more productive overall branch operations with unified messaging.

We effectively simplify the communications management process and reduce costs by providing both voice and data services on a unified platform that run business IP phone systems. BroadConnect offers a consistent set of features to all employees regardless of location, including call recording software.


Real Estate Communications Challenges

Many factors are involved in facilitating a successful real estate transaction: buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, attorneys and the likes. Between cellular phones, desk phones, email and pagers those in the real estate industry know firsthand the importance of being reachable on many different mediums.

With deals hinging on a single phone call, real estate firms need steadfast telecommunication companies capable of meeting their unique mix of requirements. Conventional systems lack the ability to merge mobile and office lines and this is where VoIP for businesses becomes important. BroadConnect Canada offers a full range of configurable features that simplify the communications process, like Skype For Business, enabling staff to determine how, when, and where they are available.

Real Estate firms are often taken aback when they add up the total cost of maintenance, service, and support of their existing systems, as well as business Internet services. Add that to the likelihood that these systems are used less and less in favor of more expensive mobile services and it suggests that agencies are wasting funds on underutilized services. BroadConnect is one of the best SIP providers in Canada and we can show you how to bring together all of the communication services you require at a price that will make you smile.

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