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VoIP Solutions for Hotels and Hospitality Industry

Hosted Communication Platform for the Hospitality Industry

Workplace Staff and Guest Communications


BroadConnect offers a range of business telephone systems and business Internet services uniquely tailored to meet, and exceed, the needs of those in the hospitality field.

Not only must you employ creative and engaging marketing initiatives to entice guests to visit, you must also continue to exceed their expectations and remain ahead of the competition.

In an industry that relies heavily on telephony service to excel, it is crucial to the success of your business to ensure that you are receiving the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance.

BroadConnect offers a comprehensive range of feature rich Local, Long Distance, Toll-Free and Management Tools, each supported by our fully integrated coast-to-coast communications network.

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Solutions Designed To Eliminate Bottlenecks


With the integration of voice, data and email, BroadConnect Canada can provide your staff with a simple navigation interface, even with a Microsoft PBX system, that enables real-time collaboration.

Our portfolio of products have proven their mettle under stringent, real-world conditions and features the flexibility and scale to support even the largest Hospitality deployments. You can benefit from always-on communications delivered as a managed service or over a secure, trusted private-cloud infrastructure.

Hotels rely heavily on their communications systems to maintain contact with customers, suppliers, prospects and other stakeholders. The importance of these Hosted PBX solutions, such as a VoIP Call Center, makes it vital to ensure they operate continuously at peak performance. This is precisely what BroadConnect delivers – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Whether you manage a single property or hundreds of locations around the globe, we deliver all the hospitality-specific features you would expect — from guest wake-up calls and voicemail to billing and call accounting.

Our Hospitality solutions optimize the return on investment from your telecommunications services and network infrastructure.

Locate each member of their team and determine their availability in real-time.

Maintain instant contact with unified messaging, rather than doing “attempted” contacts that never connect – enabling employees to resolve issues in real-time

Use presence information so employees can choose how to communicate with their colleagues and set preferences for how they should communicate.

Pick up all their voice, fax and email messages, regardless of their location

Share files and applications, set up virtual meetings and connect directly through Instant Messaging

Benefits to keep going, on the go.

Providing Tried and True Reliability

Our infrastructure delivers the reliability and stability you need for securing your data.

Deliver Speed and Mobility

Fast, mobile communication infrastructures, to increase your teams productivity.

Enhance Experience and Engagement.

Provide a multitude of features and applications for staff and guest services.

Integrate and Streamline

Provide a unified communications foundation across properties and property management systems via the cloud.

Simplify Operations

Enjoy a more centralized management of communications services for multiple properties under one cloud umbrella.


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