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Government Solutions

As a result, the public sector is under pressure to do more with less. BroadConnect can help public service organizations from all levels of government leverage communications technology to deliver premium service to a diverse client base.

BroadConnect has a portfolio of leading-edge office VoIP phone systems and Industry Solutions, complemented by a team of experienced professionals that can help you extend program reach and streamline your compliance initiatives – while reducing your costs. This gives us the distinction of being one of the top hosted VoIP providers in Canada.

We’re dedicated to helping departments increase their communications efficiency across the board – both externally and internally. Let us show you how to improve process efficiency – cutting cycle times from days to seconds with our commercial phone systems. Plus, Businesses expect the same levels of service and immediacy from the public sector as they receive from the private sector.

BroadConnect technology allows government organizations to easily extend their programs to every citizen – provided they have access to the appropriate voice over IP system capabilities.

Seizing The Opportunity To Provide Service That Is Immediate, Personalized And Connected

Leading-edge communication solutions from BroadConnect can help you improve service accessibility through multiple channels of delivery. Best of all, you can accomplish this task without diminishing program quality. Improved communications means;

  • Efficiency through improved asset management
  • Cohesiveness by adopting initiatives to share services and systems
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Increased Information Access
  • Cost Reductions and reduced waste

By leveraging the wealth of experience at BroadConnect, you can reap the advantages of cross-departmental collaboration and shared systems with the best SIP Trunk solutions.

Even though technology vastly streamlines service accessibility, it also creates unprecedented privacy challenges. The need for sure-fire solutions from your Hosted PBX provider is particularly acute given the fact that privacy breaches inevitably result in serious diminishment of public faith.

We have a range of voice Internet offerings that can help you improve your identity management processes, streamline user registration and enrolment procedures and better manage user access to your services and programs while maintaining the highest standards of information privacy and integrity with our hosted Call Center solutions.

Whether it’s helping governments on health care, education or public safety issues, BroadConnect expertise will enable you to more effectively manage deliverables while benefiting from substantial process improvements with hosted unified communications.

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