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BroadConnect Canada is now part of GoCo.New and improved communication solutions with the same great pricing.

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VoIP Solutions for Government and Public Sector

Advanced and Secure VoIP Technologies for Government Organizations

The public sector is under pressure to do more with less


BroadConnect can help public service organizations from all levels of government leverage communications technology to deliver premium service to a diverse client base.

We’re dedicated to helping departments increase their communications efficiency across the board both externally and internally.

Plus, Businesses expect the same levels of service and immediacy from the public sector as they receive from the private sector.

BroadConnect technology allows government organizations to easily extend their programs to every with the appropriate voice over IP system capabilities.

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Collaboration Made Easy

With Team-One, your teams will always be on the same page. The entire system is engineered to support effortless collaboration and to help teams achieve their highest objectives, together.

Jump on the chance to Provide Service That Is Immediate, Personalized And Connected


Leading-edge communication solutions from BroadConnect will help you improve service accessibility through multiple channels of delivery. Best of all, you can accomplish this task without sacrificing program quality.

Better communications mean:

  • Efficiency through improved asset management
  • Cohesiveness by adopting initiatives to share services and systems
  • Increased Information Access & Enhanced Performance
  • Cost Reductions and reduced waste

BroadConnect is tried and true under meticulous, real-world conditions — with the flexibility and scalability to give support the largest public sector deployments. We have a range of VoIP offerings that can help you improve your identity management processes, streamline user registration and enrollment procedures and better manage user access to your services and programs while maintaining the highest standards of information privacy and integrity with our hosted Call Center solutions.

Whether it’s helping governments on health care, education or public safety issues, BroadConnect expertise will enable you to more effectively manage deliverables while benefiting from substantial process improvements with hosted unified communications.

Benefits Customized for the Public Sector

Reduce Costs

Our standards-based OPEX contract solution replaces aging PBX hardware with cloud-based services — thereby eliminating spiraling support costs and the need for costly new capital investments.

Benefit from Interoperability

Our industry-standard procedures and application programming interfaces deliver a broad compatibility of IP enabled applications across network equipment and apps, including Microsoft 365.

Scalability to Meet Demand

Our cloud-based applications can support thousands of users anytime, anywhere.

Depend on Carrier-Grade Reliability

Our secure infrastructure delivers world class reliability you need for efficient business mobility.

Comply with Critical Regulatory Policies

Our UC-One product supports 911 and CALEA Lawful Intercept. In addition, both our managed services platform and UC-One applications have been submitted for FedRAMP accreditation in the USA.