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Lower Costs, Greater Mobility and Easier Collaboration

BroadConnect works in partnership with universities and colleges to deliver Unified Communications solutions that meet the needs of students, faculty, administration and IT.

BroadConnect Canada’s Unified Communications (UC) solution for education provides a single, centralized communications solution from the cloud that links all campus locations and supports low-cost or free calling on any device.

It gives today’s mobile students and faculty the freedom to work and collaborate from any location on or off campus. This solution is transforming higher education communications with great features like campus-wide notifications, integration with administrative systems, and scalability for peak times.

Our experts can help you assess your current infrastructure and develop a plan to create a single unified platform for the communications you need.

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Unifying the Campus

BroadConnect’s Unified Communications solution replaces multiple legacy phone systems spread across different campus sites with a single digital solution that runs on an existing data network. There is no need to build, manage and maintain separate voice and data networks.

Now, one phone system can link teaching areas, student accommodation, libraries, administration blocks and recreation areas across the campus. With a single network, infrastructure costs will fall dramatically as the IT team eliminates duplicate resources and centralize communications management.

We can host the solution in the cloud, so students and staff can work and collaborate in the classroom, library, dorm or anywhere around the campus on any device. Cloud-based mobility extends beyond the campus for students and staff who work from home, or staff who are attending conferences in this country or overseas.

Major Cost Savings

There are major savings on infrastructure with BroadConnect’s UC solution. We can either deploy the service on your existing infrastructure to protect investment or provide a cloud-hosted solution.

If you prefer to retain the infrastructure, we can utilize your existing data network, using Quality of Service to prioritize voice traffic. This helps reduce network complexity and lowers support costs since you only have one network to manage, maintain and upgrade.

We also provide a hosted solution or a fully managed service, with experts monitoring and maintaining your network from our 24 x 7 operations center. This reduces your support requirements further and frees your IT team to focus on strategic issues.
This means that you require no infrastructure on campus, eliminating capital expenditure and reducing support costs because we take care of management, maintenance and upgrading within the monthly service charge.

Call charges are lower too. Calls between internal campus sites are free and the cost of long-distance calls to other education organizations are lower because they travel over the Internet.

Keeping the Campus Informed

With UC from BroadConnect, it’s easy to keep students and staff fully informed.

Campus-wide notifications help keep everyone informed in the event of an emergency. Administrators can use BroadConnect’s UC broadcast facilities as a back-up to other services to notify students, staff and visitors by voice call, instant message or text. Broadcast facilities automate the process, saving time and ensuring that messages reach all parts of the campus.

If the campus phone system is put out of action by a fire or other disaster, our cloud-based solution provides an alternative that key staff can use to maintain essential communication through the recovery period. With a cloud solution, key staff can access the phone system from any location with an Internet connection.

BroadConnect’s UC messaging features let staff and students exchange information on classes, enrolment, fees, assignments, exam results or timetable changes from a single interface. They can use text, email, instant messages or chat to communicate using familiar tools. This helps streamline campus communications and ensures students can easily access essential information.

Supporting Educational Collaboration

BroadConnect’s UC collaboration tools helps students and staff work together effectively. Students can work together on projects or confer with staff on assignments without attending meetings. They can use messaging services to exchange information or set up video, audio or web conferences on smartphones or tablets with no need for dedicated facilities.

The conferencing facilities also provide a platform for remote teaching or distance learning, which can supplement a college’s internal resources.

Staff also collaborate with external organizations as participants in conferences or working with industry when spinning out university research. BroadConnect’s collaboration tools, screen-sharing facilities and low long-distance call rates support national and international collaboration with research institutes, other universities or business partners.

Room For Expansion

Our cloud-based solution makes it easy to expand the communication system to cope with growth or short-term demands for additional capacity. We can add extra virtual lines at peak periods such as registration, exam results or graduation, with no need to install surplus capacity. And, the system can be scaled down at the end of a busy period.

The system can be easily extended to new sites on campus or increased to cope with growth in student or staff numbers.

Contact management is simpler with BroadConnect UC. Administrators can easily keep track of a changing campus population because our UC solution integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. And, we take care of moves, adds and changes, deploying them from the cloud to reduce the burden on IT.

Support for BYOD

For universities that offer a BYOD (Bring your own device) policy, we can provide support through policies and security measures that protect networks and data against unauthorized access.

For students who bring their own mobile devices, we can provide softphone apps that allow them to access all campus UC services when they have registered their device with IT. This helps reduce equipment costs while providing students with a full range of communications facilities.

Next Generation Learning

The current generation of students are familiar with the capabilities of smartphones for information access. In fact, 70% of higher education students and recent graduates want their institutions to use more digital tools, according to the Accenture 2014 Global Value of Higher Education Survey. BroadConnnect’s UC solution leverages the power of smartphone mobility to enable the move to next generation learning.

More communications options

BroadConnect’s Unified Communications solution lets students and staff communicate by voice, video, email, text, audio or video conference and instant message, anywhere on any device over a single, unified network.

More ways to learn

BroadConnect’s UC solution supports collaboration with faculty or other students, access to distance learning resources and online exchange and review of assignments. Students can use online resources to create a personal workspace.

Work anywhere, anytime

To supplement classroom learning, students can use BroadConnect smartphone apps to access self-service facilities or portals to access research material, course content and other distance learning resources from any location.

Transform higher education

By working with BroadConnect, universities and colleges can adapt quickly to the changing higher education environment, taking advantage of new learning and teaching technologies and meeting the demands of the mobile student generation.


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