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Auto Dealerships

In order to tackle the complexity of managing multi-functional auto dealerships, the best business phone system and high-speed internet for business services are needed to support these increasingly complex operations. BroadConnect provides a tailored package of communications essentials designed with dealerships in mind.Cloud PBX business enhancing communication tools include attendant tools, unified messaging, automated attendant capabilities, and mobility services.

Our business phone solutions are available without the cost and limitations of the premises-based equipment. With these packages, dealerships are given the ability to reduce their total cost of communications and improve dealer performance across all departments.

Experience indicates that our service can effectively enable businesses to realize savings of 30% or more on total communications costs while delivering better service. For multiple sites, service bundles are matched to the office size and staff requirements. Being one of the top VoIP providers in Canada, we can provide the services that match your exact needs.


Communications Challenges Faced By Auto Dealerships


Managing incoming calls is critical for auto dealerships. Rapid and accurate call processing is the first step towards building a new sales or service relationship. As a full-service IP phone service provider, BroadConnect effectively supports your business with web-based line status monitoring and automatic overflow to an IVR. Dealerships can manage incoming call traffic through a web-based service center application that provides automatic call distribution across a pool of attendant resources.

Successful auto sales are built around providing quality service, building relationships, and repeat clients. Being responsive and juggling multiple customers requires communications tools that are rich in functionality but also easy-to-use. BroadConnect provides unified messaging capabilities and mobility tools that are effortlessly configured through a web interface. These tools enable sales personnel to control incoming calls and messages, even during the month-end crunch.

Today, Auto Dealerships are increasingly managed as multi-site operations, increasing the available products and reducing overhead. Having multiple phone systems limit dealers’ ability to function as an integrated organization. With BroadConnect Canada, multi-site operations receive a consistent, integrated communication service set that advance inter-site communications and dealer performance with Skype For Business services.

BroadConnect removes the layers of support and maintenance equipment costs. We can simplify communications management and reduce costs by providing you with both voice and data services, along with the economic benefits of service bundling.Conducting your own SIP provider comparison will show that we come out on top.

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