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Business VoIP Solutions for Auto Dealerships

Advanced communications to drive more business, strengthen customer relationships and reduce costs

Make Every Call Count

Multi-site auto dealerships handle thousands of calls every month. How can you ensure that every call is handled efficiently, reaches the right contact and helps build your dealership’s reputation for quality customer service?

BroadConnect’s business phone systems are packed with advanced features to handle incoming calls, improve communications between departments and ensure that key sales and service staff are always accessible when customers call.

We understand the challenges facing Canadian auto dealers so we can tailor business phone and high-speed business Internet solutions for every size of dealership. Our cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) and Unified Communications (UC) services can reduce your communication costs by 30 percent or more. And, they scale easily in line with seasonal demand and business growth.

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Put customer service first

Customer satisfaction is the number one differentiator in the automotive sector. Loyal customers don’t just buy cars — they come back for service, repairs, parts and accessories, and their next car.

Our solutions feature powerful analytics and they integrate with your CRM systems to ensure your staff always have up-to-date information for making and taking customer calls. That’s a great revenue booster and a personalized service that helps strengthen relationships. With 70 percent of new car sales from existing customers, loyalty really counts!

Keep your teams in contact

Sales and service staff aren’t always at their desks. They could be on test drives, checking vehicles or in meetings. But, when customers call you want to be confident the calls get through. Our communication solutions feature sophisticated call routing to direct calls to the right individual or department, plus call forwarding to push calls from desktop to mobile for staff on the move.

We also incorporate unified messaging, text, voicemail, chat and email in our Unified Communication solutions, so customers can make contact through the channel of their choice.

Our cloud-based communications make it easy for multi-site dealerships to maintain efficient contact. Whether it’s checking vehicle or parts availability, rounding up daily sales and stock reports or holding branch meetings, we keep your people in contact with a single integrated phone system.

Reduce your communication costs

BroadConnect’s communication solutions are hosted in the cloud so you don’t have to buy, maintain or manage any equipment on your premises. That reduces both CAPEX and OPEX. With free calls between sites and low-cost long-distance charges, annual savings can easily top 30 percent.

Bring More Efficiency to the Dealership

See who’s available to take important calls

A Presence feature lets busy sales and service staff notify their status for taking calls.

Don’t miss any sales opportunities

CRM and calendar integration alerts staff to contact s customers when service interval or car replacement dates are coming up.

Improve call quality.

Automatic call recording provides valuable information on call handling performance as a basis for recognition or training.

Get greater insight into operations.

Powerful analytics provide you with real-time statistics on the performance of your sales and marketing initiatives so you can fine-tune campaigns and deliver improved results.

Handle peak time calling efficiently.

Our solutions feature automatic call distribution to ensure calls are handled quickly, even during peak sales periods, major campaigns or product recalls.

Simplify internal communications.

Staff can communicate quickly and easily with other departments or other sites using voice, chat, instant messaging or voicemail to keep up to date with repair status, delivery times or parts availability.

Collaborate with experts.

When your staff need product information or expert advice, they can use the collaboration features to set up a video or audio conference on demand. That’s great for resolving issues in the dealership or giving customers the best advice during a call.

Simplify Dealership Operations

Centralize communications.

Eliminate multiple systems for each location with a single hosted cloud solution.

Open for business all hours.

To handle inquiries outside business hours, you can configure our systems to divert calls to voicemail or to a virtual contact center team.

Trust reliable communications.

Your communications travel on BroadConnect’s carrier-class nationwide network for reliable, crystal-clear calls.

Free the IT team.

Our telecoms specialists take care of the day-to-day management, monitoring, maintenance and upgrading of your system so your IT team can focus on more strategic dealership development tasks.


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