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The Best VoIP Business Phone Systems

Our expert team will customize your BroadConnect VoIP service with the hardware and support to bring your office phone system to the highest level.

  • BroadConnect Canada specializes in serving the business community as a whole with a national presence and dedicated lines for all of your IP Telephony communication needs with our commercial phone systems for businesses.
  • Unified Communications integrated with collaboration applications, such as video conferencing or file sharing creates a dynamic work environment.

BroadConnect is Your Business VoIP Specialist

We promise you crystal-clear call quality, flexibility, and system scalability through our extensive advanced phone features delivered over our reliable and global IP network. We will manage all aspects of your VoIP business phone service, keeping your office phone system up to date with the latest technology upgrades.

Services Offered

Hosted PBX
SIP Trunking
Video Conferencing
Analytics Analysis
Hosted Call Center
Unified Network Access


Low Start-up Costs
Reduced Monthly Fees
Advanced Features
Customized Services
No Maintenance
Upgrades Included
Low IT Management

Hardware +

IP Phones
+ Broadsoft Platform
+Soft Phones
Video Phones
Video Rooms
Conferencing Devices
Legacy Integration

Unified Voice & Data Communications

We provide state-of-the-art unified communications service with multiple points of access to permitted resources that enables corporate phone systems to serve in-house and mobile workers with advanced technology. We can help you reduce your office phone system costs and increase your company’s productivity simultaneously with our business phone plans for a virtual phone system.


In-house User
Productivity Increase


Mobile User
Productivity Increase



BroadConnect offers expertise in the area of IP Voice Communications and successful deployment of IP Communications. We are one of the pioneers in VoIP and we are a recognized resource for emerging data, video, and voice technologies. Our team of renowned engineers and IT professionals are highly trained and have the expertise to design and implement the most complex business telephone service.

Small Medium Business Service

BroadConnect works with small to medium-sized companies help them transition to unified communications — without a major capital outlay, use of external resources, or increased IT requirements. Deliver personalized service to your customers with VoIP office phone systems that have customized feature set tailored to your specific communications needs. This includes intergration with CRM solutions like SalesForce.

Small Office Home Office (SOHO)

VoIP business phone systems are the perfect communication solution for the small home office. You will obtain professional communication services at an affordable cost and without increasing your management and administrative tasks. You will gain future-ready technology, both reliable and flexible, to match your needs throughout your business cycle.

IP Telephony Services Combined With Advanced Features Create the Ultimate in Customized Business Phone Solutions

SMB Advantages

BroadConnect offers small and medium-sized business a fully managed, securely hosted, end-to-end voice and data system. Simply put, we can provide you with the best VoIP phone services that larger companies have, at a lower cost than you are paying now to your traditional voice and data providers.

Enterprise Advantages

BroadConnect delivers unparalleled quality and reliability through our optimized private IP network. All of our services have world-class disaster recovery tools and highly trained, customer-oriented employees, conducting support and training to provide you with high-quality IP telephony systems.

Financial Services: Don’t Let the Ever-Changing Market Pass You By

An organizations’s financial success is often heavily reliant on efficient access to instant communications, such as Contact Centers. As a result, modern business must keep their boots to the ground in order to keep pace in this highly competitive marketplace. In an environment where readily, available access to expert financial services is necessary for everything from decision making to corporate risk intervention, stable and tangible communications solutions are imperative. BroadConnect is an expert in delivering results-driven enterprise business communications solutions uniquely tailored to meet the demanding needs of the finance industry.

Health Care: Connecting Patients, Medical Providers, and Stakeholders

At BroadConnect, we have uniquely positioned ourselves to greatly enhance the capabilities of the healthcare industry by delivering network technologies designed to alter the way patients and healthcare providers connect, exchange and obtain information, and collaborate with each other. Our highly advanced system utilises an entire network of interoperable technologies, designed to simplify healthcare communications and strengthen the lines of communications between doctors, colleges and patients. We envision a Connected Health Ecosystem capable of reinvigorating and changing the trajectory of the healthcare industry.

Retail: Bringing the Customer Experience to New Heights

In a retail environment, customers demand quick and efficient access to services, whether in person, online or over the phone. Exceptional service means a world of difference when it comes to customer loyalties and your company’s bottom line. Customers define a great experience by how quickly their calls are answered and how promptly they are routed to the correct department or listing – regardless of how much distance is between them and you. BroadConnect Retail hosted Voice over IP solutions were created with this in mind. Trust our phone systems for business to ensure that your customers’ needs are being met efficiently and promptly.

Real Estate: Bridging the Gaps

Today’s real estate market is in constant fluctuation. Realtors and brokers are constantly on their toes, in order to take advantage of the growth. This requires a VoIP network service that allows representatives to be available and accessible at all times. At BroadConnect, we have proven our ability to enhance the end user experience and are fully prepared to deliver tangible solutions, specifically designed to keep real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers connected.

Government: Collaborating Excellence

Governments around the country have reported substantial improvements in their workforce efficiency thanks to the power of unified communications with business SIP Trunking and the ability to enhance citizen service delivery. Countless public sector operations are turning to IP office telephone systems in order to better serve their end consumers. Reap the benefits of BroadConnect’s IP Telephony portfolio today.

Hopitality: Integrated, Flexible Communications Solutions

The foundation of the hospitality industry was built around effective communications and Voice over IP services have proven to be the most effective. As a BroadConnect customer of one of our hospitality solutions, you can expect customizable, efficient communications uniquely engineered to meet the complex needs of your establishment. Hoteliers and restaurants of all sizes will revel in the benefits of streamlined communications, scalable solutions, and immediate cost savings.



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