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One of the latest breakthroughs in business telecom technology is cloud based phone systems. Other names for the same model are cloud pbx or VoIP (voice over internet protocol). This technology enables small and medium sized company’s to employ complex phone systems without having to invest large amounts of cash. In hosted-pbx, or hosted-VoIP, the whole communications system is monitored and maintained by the service provider. This type of phone system allows your employees to work while traveling, from home or use their cell phone at anytime and still be connected to the office network as if they were physically present. Your company can put calls on hold, transfer callers around different departments, use conference calling or employ a virtual receptionist to take and distribute callers.

Some key concepts involved in a cloud business phone system are that your telephone and communications are “hosted” by your service provider. This means the service works with your existing telephone service or replaces it outright and can be used with mobile phones, VoIP phones and landlines. The feature list that comes with this service is full suite and would normally be quite expensive through a regular telephone service provider. You can communicate using telephones, mobile phones, other smart devices or what is called a soft-phone, which is an app run on your computer.
Benefits of a Cloud Based Phone System.

Cost Savings (Initial): There is no need for a large upfront investment in the technology and there is also no need to pay for maintenance.

Cost Savings (Ongoing): In most cases a cloud PBX for small business is more cost effective than a regular telephone service. The feature list included with this system is large and customizable, offering services that would have additional costs in a regular phone service. Your monthly communication bills will be lower than you thought possible.

Flexibility: Your workforce will have the ability to work from anywhere at anytime as if they were sitting in the office. This includes overseas calling.

Location Presence: This system allows for your company to hold local telephone numbers in all markets where you do business, essentially creating a virtual presence and making it much easier for your customers to contact your business.

Credibility: When a customer engages in communication with your business, they will be greeted by a professional sounding answering system. This is generally too expensive for most small businesses using regular phones systems.

Upgradeability: A cloud based phone system is easily upgraded at anytime without extra cost and can therefore grow with your business.

Setup and Ease of Use: The setup is taken care of by your service provider and after a quick tutorial all aspects of the system are easy to use and functional. There is little to no hardware necessary and if needed, your business could even continue to use its current phones.

If your company is looking to be on the cutting edge of communication technology a cloud based PBX may be the right move for you. Save money, work from anywhere, enhance productivity and project the professional image you want for your business with a cloud based phone system.

An example of how the system works for your business:

A customer phones your company’s telephone number. The incoming call is immediately answered by your systems virtual receptionist who provides the customer with a list of choices. Regular choices include transferring to a department or extension, leaving a voicemail or remaining on hold. There are also many more programmable features possible with your system. Once your system is setup there are lots of features to explore.


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