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Spiceworks surveyed 900 IT companies in the United States and Europe and reports that companies around the world are favoring and adopting Microsoft Teams. By 2020, Microsoft Teams will become the second most popular workplace chat app. By 2020, it is believed that Microsoft Teams will surpass both Google Hangouts and Slack.

Spiceworks determined that in 2016, Microsoft Teams grew 3 percent. By 2018, Microsoft Teams had increased to 21 percent. The reason for this upsurge in growth is because Microsoft Teams was available globally beginning in 2017. Before then, only Office 365 business users had the option to use Microsoft Teams.

Slack, one of Microsoft Team’s rivals, had modest growth. Spiceworks report that Slack grew only 2 percent from 2016 (13 percent) to 2018 (15 percent).

A senior technology Analyst, Peter Tsai, from Spiceworks stated that he believed the growth of Microsoft Teams was due to its availability and no additional cost to Microsoft Office 365 business users.

Skype for Business remains the leader; however, Microsoft Teams is gaining ground. Microsoft Teams has been emphasising the ease of use and cost savings to business owners who use Microsoft Office 365. This has lead to more and more companies trying out Microsoft Teams. The rate of adoption is expected to double over the next few years, according to Peter Tsai.

Spiceworks is predicting that by 2020, Microsoft Teams will penetrate approximately 41 percent of the market. Conversely, Slack will have 18 percent of the market. Google Hangouts will have 12 percent of the market; however, it is unlikely if users will gravitate towards users will use the legacy version or Hangout Meets. A mere 1 percent of businesses will use Workplace by Facebook.

When survey participants were asked about their perceptions of Microsft Teams, they said they thought of it as a secure server. Participants regarded Slack as more innovative. Although some respondents disliked Skype for Business, it is considered to have the best reliability and is very user-friendly.

Because so many businesses use the Microsoft ecosystem, Microsoft Teams was destined to succeed. However, Microsoft Teams is unlikely to replicate the success of Slack when it comes to non-business online communities and smaller team hosting.

When it comes to integration, Slack is the definite winner. Because of Slack’s development community and the plethora of Saas providers, it has plugins for almost everything, including Twilio and Trello and much more.

If your company is skeptical of using chat, you can stop worrying about chat replacing emails in the business world. When surveyed, only 16 percent of IT professionals stated that they believed chat apps would replace email within the next 3 to 5 years.

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