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The Key to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is now high on the executive agenda. According to IDG’s 2018 State of Digital Business Transformation, 89 percent of enterprises have plans to adopt, or have already adopted, a transformation strategy. These businesses share the twin aims of improving efficiencies and exceeding customer expectations.

But, which is the priority? If the aim is just to reduce costs and improve efficiency, businesses may not reap the full benefits of digital transformation.

Now, a new report from Avaya and IDC, Digital Transformation Insight into Getting it Right, highlights the potential of digital communications technology to create a great customer experience — and improve employee productivity. That makes communications a vital element of any digital transformation strategy.

Focus on the Human Touch

While many transformation initiatives, including communications projects, aim to automate business processes, the report found that the ‘human touch’ remains essential to a quality customer experience.

Respondents reported that they preferred human assistance with five key customer service activities – filing a complaint, seeking help, returning products, placing service requests and querying bills. For activities such as finding product information, paying bills and purchasing products, agent involvement was seen as far less important.

Create a Great Customer Experience

Another key fact to emerge was that 56 percent of respondents preferred to work with a subject expert, rather than a general service agent, particularly for more complex issues.

Although quick resolution and dealing with a real person were seen as the top contributors to a positive customer experience, 42 percent of respondents claimed that issues and transactions remained unresolved after the first contact. That means the communication solution must make it easy for callers to reach the right person quickly to get a rapid resolution of their problem.

Unified communication (UC) solutions incorporate features and services that can improve the customer experience. It’s easy to seamlessly escalate an incoming call to a conference with an expert, for example, and the Presence feature lets employees know if an expert colleague is available to take the call.

Integrating the UC system with a customer relationship management system or a knowledge database helps employees quickly access the information they need to personalize their response and speed up resolution of an issue.

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Overcome Adoption Barriers

While respondents to the survey recognize the value of unified communication, many reported significant barriers to successful implementation and adoption. Among the biggest reported challenges were cost, IT staff capabilities and the use of consumer workarounds.

Many businesses have overcome the cost challenge by adopting a hosted solution, which eliminates capital expenditure requirements and transfers costs from CAPEX to OPEX with affordable monthly payments. A hosted solution also resolves the staff skills issue because the service provider manages, monitors and maintains the system.

Although consumer workarounds such as Skype provide some of the functionality required, a true UC solution provides a much wider choice of communication channels, giving callers the freedom to contact a business by the method they prefer.

Improve Productivity

Adopting a UC solution can help businesses improve the customer experience. That’s essential because high quality customer service is one of the top two drivers for selecting a company to do business with. However, UC can also meet the other digital transformation priority – improving employee productivity.

One approach is to embed UC tools into business and customer service processes — a factor that was rated important by 91 percent of respondents. Improving productivity and collaboration was seen by 83 percent of respondents as the main benefit of embedding UC. Integrating communication tools with applications such as Office 365 is one example, which enables employees to handle calls and collaborate without leaving their applications.

Work With Specialists

BroadConnect, an Avaya Edge – Diamond Certified partner, understands the contribution of unified communication to digital transformation and the customer experience. If you would like to discuss the integration of UC and your transformation strategy with an expert, please contact us at 1-877-228-6616

Jason Ali

Jason Ali

Marketing Director

Jason Stephen Ali is a seasoned Marketing professional, I hold the ultimate responsibility for my organisation’s Marketing activities and also oversee the development and delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy for the business. Developed the BCT marketing strategy by studying economic indicators; tracking changes in supply and demand, identifying customers and their current and future needs and monitoring our competition.


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