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Why AI Drives Greater ROI in the Contact Center

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in the contact center, helping to transform both service quality and efficiency. AI, coupled with high levels of automation, eliminates repetitive routine tasks in the contact center and frees agents to spend more time on complex or high-value customer inquiries. For example, agents can use software robots to automate account applications, process online payments, confirm or update orders, and manage customer data.

A recent report by Nuance Communications has put some hard figures on the benefits of AI in the contact center, demonstrating its potential to improve productivity, increase customer engagement and increase both revenue and return on investment. Many of the firm’s findings are based on contact center solutions that combine human interaction with AI in the form of virtual assistants.

Improving First-Time Resolution

Airlines and other travel or hospitality businesses handle high volumes of calls relating to routine questions about bookings, charges, services, availability and timings. One airline analyzed the most frequent types of queries and programmed a virtual assistant with responses to the top questions.

It found that the virtual assistant was able to handle the majority of calls in the category with a first time resolution rate of 80 percent. The company also recorded a 20 percent reduction in calls to contact center agents.

Enhancing Customer Service

Banks and other financial institutions are closing branches across Canada. But they want to maintain a service to customers through online services. One bank found that traffic to its contact center was hitting very high levels following further closures. To improve service to online customers, the bank deployed virtual assistants to handle the type of requests and transactions that typically took place in branches.

The bank recorded around 40,000 calls handled by virtual assistants every month with a successful resolution rate of 80 percent. Pressure on the contact center reduced and agents were able to spend more time with customers on complex queries.

Improving Operational Efficiency

A logistics company’s customer service center wanted to improve its response to customers and reduce the number of routine calls about delivery tracking. By deploying virtual assistants, the company was able to handle 50 percent of inbound inquiries without using agents and customers experienced 80 percent first time resolution of their inquiries.

These examples show that a combination of virtual assistants and agent assistant through integrated live chat can have a significant impact on contact center load, agent productivity and customer satisfaction through first-time resolution. These improvements can have a significant impact on efficiency, revenue and profitability, with an overall increase in ROI.

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