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Top 7 Reasons Why Outsourced Telecom is Trending

Cloud-computing used to be a buzzword, but it has now moved past this with more and more businesses outsourcing their communication needs.

The cloud has become a household term over the last five years and is now a widespread influence in the business world. The reach of Internet-based computing has moved beyond the well-known remote backup, file sharing and data storage into the business-critical technology such as telecommunication(s).

There are a lot of organisations that are partnering with cloud telecom providers to help with their communication needs from configuration to network architecture to management and maintenance. There are a few reasons why this is happening and you need to understand them.

#1 Reducing Capital Expenditure

When you subscribe to a service instead of purchasing a full system, you will significantly reduce the initial costs. A traditional business phone network such as PBX will require an investment of thousands for the equipment as well as the time and effort of installation, maintenance and configuration. Outsourcing the communication system will treat this as a service which can be billed on a monthly basis.

#2 Major Improvement Of Disaster Recovery

Systems which are on-site will generally be more susceptible to disasters than cloud-based networks because of their centralised nature. Most cloud service providers will have a failover location to back up their network so that failures do not affect their clients. This allows businesses to access the network from a different location when there are problems, and it will protect the voice network configuration and data.

#3 Automatic Updates And Maintenance

When you outsource, you will provide your internal IT team with more time to focus on other pressing matters not related to the phone network. This has many benefits including the fact that company networks will encounter fewer issues as a team of dedicated experts manages them. The system will also be constantly updated by people who know what they are doing. You will also find that your internal IT resources can be better used within your business.

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#4 On-Demand Customisation

When you have an internet network, you will need to plan whole projects to deploy any new applications, add new seats or new features. When you outsource your telecommunications, you simply have to call the provider who will be able to turn on the additional feature or add a new line within a couple of hours. The functions and features available in the cloud can also be provided for as many or as few end-users as you want or need.

#5 Access Anywhere And Anytime

An outsourced network will live in the cloud. This means that you will be able to access the system from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a mobile phone or IP device. Mobile teams and remote workers will be able to stay connected from anywhere without any additional business networks or applications.

#6 Overall Flexibility

Outsourcing will generally mean that your network is more flexible and dynamic. This is due to the fact that the network is customisable, accessible from anywhere and easily scaled. This will enhance the overall experience on all levels from employee experience to business operations. To get this with a traditional system, you would need to invest more in the core network.

#7 Engaging With A Single Vendor

A turnkey solution will save your business a lot of time which would otherwise be spent on budgeting and planning. Working with multiple vendors can be problematic, and there is a blurring of responsibility when you have numerous service and equipment suppliers. With cloud telecommunication, you can look at a single vendor for a long-term partnership.

Jey Chandrasegaram

Jey Chandrasegaram

Senior Account Executive

Jey Chandrasegaram is a ‎Senior Account Executive for BroadConnect Telecom. Jey began his career in IT, eventually transitioning into sales, finding he had a knack for delivering creative solutions for clients.

Originally from Sri Lanka, Jey has enjoyed a diverse background, moving to Abu Dhabi, then Toronto and eventually settling in Calgary. Over his career, he has worked for a wide range of businesses, from small family owned and operated businesses to a Fortune 500 company. With experience across a range of verticals, Jey is adept at problem-solving with all levels of management.



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